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Account Suspended For A Week

I am amused that the Chicago Home Stone had to run to the Caretakers to try and silence the issues of sexual assault, and threats of outing. If you look through the threads, (whatever has not been removed); there WAS sexual assault issues numerous times; and the leadership of the Chicago Home Stone denies and has done everything to try to  silence and bury it. This has included several deleted posts, outright lies, victim blaming, and finally calling in the Caretakers when I refused to be silent.


Even more surprising (not really..) is that the Silk and Steel gang (Malkinius, Crell, Nyre, BearofAr, etc..) are defending and supporting the sexual assaults!

Below is the email from the Caretakers.


Fortunately, this Blog gets more traffic, and with plans for the upcoming radio show, possible Youtube discussions,  and media blitz; the word and warnings will continue to get out.

The timing is good anyways, I will be laid up for awhile recovery from surgery.



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Something I Must Do


I have known her since she was a baby. I remember many a time holding her in my arms as a baby, singing soothing, soft, rock ballads to put her to sleep. As she grew, I remember coaching her, along with my daughter,  in softball, field soccer and hockey. She is now a beautiful 23 year old lady.

Over two years ago, she was shocked to find out that her kidneys were damaged from Type 2 Diabetes, and that she needed to begin dialysis. Over the past few months, her health took a turn for the worse, and she needed a kidney transplant.

Every ten minutes, someone is added  to the national transplant waiting list. On average, 20 people die each day waiting for a donor.

Her parents are an active part of our Gorean Assembly. Our children grew up together, went to school together, played sports together, travelled on holidays together, and visited regularly in each other’s homes.

Talking with the parents and her; myself, and two other wonderful people, Stan and Bella,  from our Gorean Axe Throwing team, offered to step up and begin testing to see if any were a match. I knew I was the same blood type, and offered to begin the process of becoming a donor. More tests of cross matching, serology and tissue typing came back positive.

Over the past while, I have been getting my affairs in order. I just received a new promotion at my work, and needed to make arrangements to take the 6-8 weeks off work for recovery.

The local Assembly has been very supportive, raising funds and awareness for the Kidney Foundation. A rock concert, featuring local Goreans and friends, A Rebel Few;  was held in December to raise funds as well.

This Friday, January 19th 2018, is the transplant operation. It will be done by laparoscopic technique, and the operation will last between 2-3 hours. Recovery is estimated between 6-8 weeks, depending on any complications.

Knowing the family, this young lady, and the risk of death if no donor came forward; it was an easy decision to make. It was simply something I must do. It is giving the gift of Life. I only need one to continue to live a completely fulfilled Life. Why would I not donate???

I am going to ask a very personal and difficult question to many who read my Blog – “Why would YOU not donate???”


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The Wanker, The Whiner and The Windy City Sexual Predator


Some Goreans To Avoid At ALL COSTS!

The Wanker

I had thought that Prae had disappeared, but apparently he just changed his name to try and get a new start.

He has on numerous attempts contacted women who were in relationships to try and Skype with him. He would always use the angle that any Gorean can converse with a slave, regardless of her relationship. His objective was always to get the girl to Skype with him, undress and show her genitalia so that he could wank himself and get off. His would also try to undermine the authority of the Master of the girl, whenever possible. Simply a wanker trolling for wanker fodder.

When a Master of a girl stepped in and put a stop to his trolling, he would write a post on Fetlife complaining and whining about not being able to talk to the girls. He has been caught numerous times, and it has become a running joke in some circles.


The Whiner

I was told recently that a very unstable, over emotional woman, Nyre, was still active on some Gorean boards. I thought she had slinked away after being caught distributing false documents that she altered against Dragon. To be clear, Dragon is not someone I respect; but I disagree with falsifying and altering court documents, especially regarding his children; then passing them around to whoever would listen, and stating them to be actual facts.

She was also caught lying about a previous girl I had shown some interest in, claiming she stole from me. Simply not true, and when I challenged Nyre on it, she got very defensive and left the Gorean Gathering Place in a huff. Since then, I have heard that she has done numerous posts about me. I know she checks this Blog regularly, so expect another tirade in a couple of days. (UPDATE: Apparently it happened less than 6 hours after this post. Someone who I had a wager with, texted me that she went on another major meltdown tirade). So predictable! I won 2 tickets to the next Kitchener Rangers game!

Over many years, she has complained, whined, lied and had emotional meltdowns with numerous people. She is always attacking someone, it is a sign she lives a very unhappy life, that no one will go out with her, and she seeks attention playing the imaginary victim. A simple read of her profile; shows many, many signs of an unstable, unhappy, bitter woman.


The Windy City Sexual Predator

There is another man, Malkinius, who has repeatedly sexually assaulted numerous women over the years. It was common knowledge, but he was allowed to remain a member of the Chicago Home Stone.

Last year, another woman was assaulted at a Chicago Gathering in January 2017, and when the Master of the girl assaulted demanded action, he was attempted to be silenced from others within the Chicago Home Stone. There was a post done in the Gorean Gathering Place in March 2017 by a close friend of Malkinius,  Crell; defending him, two months after the assault, stating “vague and unsubstantiated attacks on someone else”.

Malkinius would usually wait until the girl’s Master left the room, then he would grope, forcefully grab and try to get the girl to service him in some fashion. If the girl objected, he would lord over her, that he was an authority figure, respected in the community, and she was a terrible slave and an embarrassment to her Master. This was done to try and silence her.

Things came to a head, when I encouraged the Master and the girl to come forward and warn and tell others what happened within the Chicago Home Stone gatherings.

The Chicago Home Stone has been an unsafe place to visit for years. One of the few places left that still encourage and support Malkinius’s behavior has been BearofAr and his group. That speaks volumes!

All three of these outstanding citizens, Prae, Nyre and Malkinius call themselves Gorean. They may be Gorean, but they are not people to be friends with. Many have been warned about their actions for years. All three try to assume that they are the Gor Police, that they hold a higher moral ground, and that they are ‘more Gorean’ than most.

They are simply ‘A Wanker’, ‘A Whiner’ and ‘A Sexual Predator’. Not Gorean at all.

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Interesting Quote

“One wants a civilization, of course. Civilizations are desirable. One would wish to have one. But then, again, there are many sorts of civilizations. Suppose an old order should collapse, or disintegrate, or be destroyed. What would be the nature of the new order? Surely it need not be built on the failed model of the old order. That was an experiment which was tested, and found wanting. It was a mistake. It did not work. What would the new order be like? Let us hope it would be a sounder order, one, for once, fully in harmony with nature.” (Vagabonds of Gor, pages 118-119)

Reminds me of the erroneous ideology and incredible collapse of Silk and Steel.

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Just Reached A New Milestone


Thank You!!!

I am very happy to report that this Blog has just past 500 followers! Thank you for your interest and time!

With the growth of social media, and the opportunities to share personal experiences,  promote safety awareness through social platforms such as WordPress, Twitter, YouTube, and local media outlets; I really appreciate sharing with everyone who are reading and learning from these formats!

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Many Odd Things

Silk and SteelNoIntegrity-300x300

I remember when I first started running in to online Goreans from a little online group called Silk and Steel. It was over 20+ years ago.

This was a small group of individuals who believed and thought they were self entitled, priviledged and tried to tell others that they discovered and developed the Gorean Philosophy, the Gorean Ethos and virtues. Sometimes, they even proclaim to gullible people that they founded Gor, and that the Gorean Philosophy, Ethos and Lifestyle originated from them! No integrity.

In reality, they were none of these, and after a few short years Silk and Steel self destructed due to overinflated egos, deceit and infighting. After the spectacular implosion, many went underground, (for good reasons noted below); or gradually found their way to a new online social media website known as Fetlife.

I have disagreed and clashed with the remaining stragglers from this group over many, many years. I recently wrote an amusing post in My Blog called Amusing Things About Online Goreans.

Over many years, I have been called

  • a roleplayer – (while most of them roleplayed in various capacities)
  • an online Gorean, (though many of them have logged hundreds, if not thousands of hours online)
  • a BDSM’er –  (not relevant to the conversation), but yup – a proud kinkster I am
  • a rainbow Gorean – (I am a straight heterosexual, but am an ally to LGBQT causes)
  • a sexist – ABSOLUTELY
  • head of a sex cult – Nope, just open minded, have a very high and prolonged sex drive and am sex positive
  • etc. etc


There have been many, many odd things about people from Silk and Steel that I found amusing and I decided to keep them all at arms length. Some of the more interesting ones are as follows –

  • Almost all of them started off online roleplaying, yet are quick to knock down anyone else who admits they started off online as well, but are now asking questions about Gor sincerely
  • Most are very homophobic, and get really pissed when you show them their own hypocrisy of having slaves that are bisexual, heteroflexible, etc.. I made up a list once, exposing the number of online Goreans from this group who had; or presently have, slaves who are LGBQT friendly, and you should have seen the shit hit the fan!
  • Many were very vocal and against BDSM, but secretly practiced and enjoyed it. Over the years, many have been found out and exposed for their hypocrisy. Nowadays, it is not as big an issue (wonder why not)
  • There have been several from this group who have been abusers, committed sexual assaults, cheated in their marriages, etc..
  • There was one Gorean who has committed numerous sexual assaults, is a sexual predator, and remains active in this circle. It was even more shocking, when this past March another person, a friend from his Home Stone in Chicago defended him, stating “vague and unsubstantiated attacks on someone else” in a post in the Gorean Gathering Place. This was in March, two months AFTER another sexual assault by the same person in a Chicago Home Stone meeting in January of the same year!
  • There have been self proclaimed announcements that one or more people from this group founded Gor. Untrue and very odd. An accurate timeline of the Gorean community history can be found on the Ontario Gorean Assembly website.
  • There has been self proclaimed announcements that a Free woman is the last remaining one. Apparently she also calls herself a leader on numerous occasions. Odd.
  • There is one Gorean, who claims to have a FC and a slave for numerous years. No evidence of photos, interaction or anyone talking, meeting or knowing these two women after more than 20 years. I found this odd, and questioned him on it. He got quite pissy, and told me to prove it. (A very odd reaction and statement). I suspect he lives alone. No one has met either of them since last century, (the slave was met supposedly by one person in 1998). No one has talked online or met either since. Very, very odd.
  • This same Gorean talks about community, yet has never met any Goreans living in his own city of Chicago! The three most vocal and visible Goreans from online are all from this group and all live in the same city! Very odd indeed.
  • Monies were stolen from a collection to help pay for one of the members divorces.
  • At two or their Gatherings, several girls were sexually assaulted by several men. Apparently that is okay.
  • The whole mentality of ‘WE Goreans….”.  They use “we” as it speaks to a false sense of ownership and elitism. They have tried for many years to use “we” to lord over any online forums. If you ask them, they will tell you that “we” have decided everything for everyone else to follow and obey. “We” figured it all out. Utter nonsense.
  • There was a heated argument this past year, when one Gorean from this group said that John Norman wrote about pedophilia in his Books, and that “…NO homosexual was ever portrayed in a good way in the books…”
  • There is another Free woman who continues to lie and make up things on a regular basis. I wrote about this person last year. She has even created and falsified court documents of Dragon, and passed them around to numerous people, attacking Dragon, claiming that they were real. A sad thing and very odd.
  • Another Gorean from this group who admits he had no problem regularly using falsehoods against those he perceived as enemies, in order to win an argument.
  • Several from Silk and Steel have been banned from most Gorean Gatherings, or have been booted out of their own Home Stone. A total disgrace!

These are just a few glaring examples. They will try and claim the moral high ground. The simple practice of teaching and practising the Modern Day Gorean Ethos is one that they do not follow, but expect and demand from others.

Gorean ethics focuses on an individual striving to live a rich and full Life by practicing doing right by his own standards, convictions and direction.

    Goreans stress the importance on truth. Seeking the truth is important, maintaining honesty in all actions concerning any matter or subject, or generally on all subjects.
    Goreans stress the importance on integrity. Being true to yourself, keeping your word, adherence to moral and ethical principles; act upon the soundness of moral character.
    Goreans stress the importance on honour. That which attracts self respect, dignity and courage; especially excellence of character, high moral worth, virtue, and nobleness.
    Goreans stress the importance on freedom. The state of being free or at liberty. To establish personal sovereignty over oneself, and those under our responsibilities. By our action, word and choice.
    Goreans stress the importance on strength. Accepting accountability for your choices, and standing against adversity and opposition. Acting with boldness, perseverance and self reliance.
  • DUTY
    Goreans stress the importance on duty. The binding force of something that is morally or legally right, A call to respect or obedience to country, family or position.

They talk and argue about the Gorean Philosophy. They talk and argue about the Gorean Ethos. They do not practice or follow their own advice. They have no integrity, do not speak the truth, and show no honour. They have failed miserably on numerous occasions. Their words, actions and deeds show otherwise.

The official motto of Silk and Steel – “We are not the same, therefore we are not equal.” Absolutely true and thank God they, and I, are different. I have, and will continue to keep anyone from Silk and Steel at arms length for many, many good reasons.

Yes, there have been many, many odd things about people from Silk and Steel indeed.


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Amusing Things From Online Goreans



Why I must not be Gorean….


For over 20 years, I have heard many amusing things about why I was not a Gorean. Most of these have come from online Goreans that have had a wealth of experience online….. (not real Life); but they have been banned from most Gorean Gatherings, been booted out of their own Home Stone, been caught forging or falsifying court documents, continue to be a sexual predator and caught numerous times with sexual assault, or have helped enable a sexual predator, or have not met or refuse to meet any Goreans offline since the turn of the century (if at all).


The following are some of the things I have been told why I must not be Gorean….

  1. I did not come from online, have not logged hundreds or thousands of hours roleplaying online, and nobody there knows me, so I must not be Gorean.
  2. I am too involved with organising and running successful kink related events and educational seminars, so I must not be Gorean.
  3. I am an ally to the LGBQT community, even a Board member of a couple of Board of Directors, so I must not be Gorean.
  4. I have the Triskelion embedded in my Home Stone banner, so I must not be Gorean.
  5. I am a Leatherman, so I must not be Gorean.
  6. I am openly kinky, so I must not be Gorean.
  7. I am an Associate of a 1% biker club, as well as a liaison of the Waterloo Regional Police Services, so I must not be Gorean.
  8. I have spoke openly that sexual orientation has nothing to do with being Gorean, so I must not be Gorean.
  9. I have spoke openly that kink has nothing to do with being Gorean, but that you can be BOTH Gorean and kinky; so I must not be Gorean.
  10. I have not joined enough dead or nonactive Gorean based groups on Fetlife to prove my Goreaness, so I must not be Gorean.
  11. I refused to quit being kinky for 1 year when demanded, to prove my Goreaness, so I must not be Gorean.
  12. I am an individual who can think, act and speak openly against things I disagree with, so I must not be Gorean.
  13. I keep most people associated with Silk and Steel at arms length, and other online venues such as Second Life; so I must not be Gorean.
  14. I mock those who proclaim they invented being Gorean and are the founder(s) of Gor; so I must not be Gorean.
  15. I oppose and strongly disagree that there is only ‘one twue way’, so I must not be Gorean.
  16. I do not speak or understand Kassar, so I must not be Gorean.
  17. I do not use a Roman/Greek/Viking name, but use my actual name; so I must not be Gorean.
  18. I do not say I hail from Ar, Thentis, Port  Kar or any other fictional city mentioned in the Gor Books, to show my Goreaness; so I must not be Gorean.
  19. I believe that a man is limited by the sword of others, literally; (with fists if necessary); not by keyboard warriors hiding behind a screen using a computer to fight their battles, so I must not be Gorean.
  20. I will address myself as a Master at times. I have even had “MASTER Rocker” used in signing off on some of my writings just to piss some off for my amusement; so I must not be Gorean.
  21. I refuse to take any sides in the ongoing battle of wills and wits between the two major Gorean camps of idiot thinking, so I must not be Gorean.
  22. I refused to allow either of the Gorean camps of idiot thinking to bring their drama and petty flamewars into the Gorean Gathering Place; so I must not be Gorean.
  23. I have openly admonished several of the self proclaimed leaders of Gor, for not following my rules of engaging in the Gorean Gathering Place; banning a couple of people, and correcting and admonishing others openly; so I must not be Gorean.
  24. I give my actual location of residence, have many photos of me, use proper age and relationship status, and use my real name; so I must not be Gorean.
  25. I have posted numerous times openly, stated repeatedly and stand by my convictions about what is “The Gorean Philosophy, the Gorean Ethos and the Gorean Lifestyle” , so I must not be Gorean.
  26. I will speak out against homophobic, anti-kink and general idiot thinking that seems to resonate in some Gorean circles, so I must not be Gorean.
  27. My philosophical characteristics are Gorean in nature; with special emphasis given to the Masculinity/femininity of each individual, so I must not be Gorean.
  28. I encourage and enjoy having a slave that performs slave positions, performs slave dances, will wear silks from time to time, enjoys sleeping on the floor by my feet, and is simply my property, so I must not be Gorean.
  29. I enjoy many rituals and formal observances; including physical, mental, demonstrative and visual participation. I encourage numerous Presentation Rituals, Public Greetings and many Private Presentations based on service, positions and various forms of dance and posture, so I must not be Gorean.
  30. I stress the importance on Freedom. The state of being free or at liberty. To establish personal sovereignty over oneself, and those under my responsibilities. This is done by my action, word and choice;  so I must not be Gorean.
  31. I made the conscientious decision to publicly proclaim that I was Gorean as an individual choice; not selected, approved or rubber stamped by others; so I must not be Gorean.
  32. When out in public, my girls wear clothing. This is even true when attending a munch at a local restaurant; so I must not be Gorean.
  33. I am not from Antarctica, so I must not be Gorean.