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Surprise! Surprise!

For over 12 years, Malkinius has denied that he never knew of Mark and selena. He has always denied that he never met them. He has always denied that another sexual assault took place. He has always lied and said I was making the whole thing up.

Guess what folks! Yesterday he once again got caught lying! Listen to the video.


There is also more evidence of him denying that he was a part of the Rebels of Gor Yahoo group. Below is a screenshot taken from the Rebels of Gor Yahoo group. Look at the people posting in that thread. It shows that Malkinius was definitely a part of that group. He denies ever being in that group. Simply incredible!

Proof That Malkinius Was In Rebels of Gor Yahoo group

Proof That Malkinius Was In Rebels of Gor Yahoo group

An update on the drama regarding Malkinius.

He ran to the Caretakers to get a FLRO against me. This was done after he realised he was caught in several lies, and could not deny any longer the evidence and facts.


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Silk&Steel – These Are Dangerous People

Issues regarding people from Silk&Steel.

Please listen to this video. What has been happening needs to stop. It is time to to end the chaos and wrongful actions of some.


Culmination of the Facts of the Latest Chicago Gor Home Stone Sexual Assaults

Over many years, there has been a well known sexual predator within the Gorean community. Until recently (March 2017), he had support and refuge and fellowship in the Chicago Gor Home Stone. There have been several sexual assaults over the years. Some like Kree and flame spoke out. Others like Mark and selena shared their stories. Many Gorean Gatherings, including Gorfest took a proactive approach and warned others.

Sadly, last year, another woman was sexually assaulted twice at different Chicago Gor Home Stone events. These are her words –

“I was a visitor of the Chicago Home Stone, and there have been issues with the same person you mentioned as well. He has groped and assaulted me twice. Once by heavy kissing with tongue and grabbing my breasts without asking and assuming my consent , and another time more recently by grabbing my ass so hard it was sore several hours later. Both of these things were done without remorse or social conscience.”


The last sexual assault took place in January 2017, Two months later, in March 2017; Crell came into the Gorean Gathering Place denying that the sexual assaults occurred, and saying they were  “vague and unsubstantiated…” At that point, I challenged him on his bullshit and was going to hold him accountable for lying and declaring in the Gorean Gathering Place that it did not happen.

Later. on the encouragement of Crell and others from the Chicago Gor group, she wrote the following

I had been given rules that no other men were allowed to touch me. That rule had been shared with the group members with whom I had flirted in the past. The issue was never that someone grabbed my ass, it was that doing so violated my then-Master’s rule.

Again, she acknowledges that she was sexually assaulted. Her ass was grabbed without her consent.

She also said the following –

1. I instigated this 2017 drama at the insistence of my then Master who wanted me to report on something that did happen.
2. Yes, there was an issue and a specific event at a gathering that made me extremely uncomfortable. At that time, I was living halfway around the world from my (again) former Master, and in Chicago for a visit.

Once again, she acknowledges that a sexual assault happened, (which she first reported in the Gorean Gathering Place on Fetlife).  To remind everyone again, here is that report of what did happen, using her own words –

“I was a visitor of the Chicago Home Stone, and there have been issues with the same person you mentioned as well. He has groped and assaulted me twice. Once by heavy kissing with tongue and grabbing my breasts without asking and assuming my consent , and another time more recently by grabbing my ass so hard it was sore several hours later. Both of these things were done without remorse or social conscience.”

There is never a time she denies being sexually assaulted. There is never a time she proclaims that she was not telling the truth and lied. Crell and his girl add many timelines and back stories that have nothing to do with the sexual assaults. I encourage you to read his post in the Chicago Gor group, as well as his girl’s post on gaslighting. Lots of “song and dance”, regarding stuff that happened months, even over a year earlier; but unfortunately simply to distract and not mention that the girl said repeatedly that she was sexual assaulted. They deliberately avoid and intentionally do not mention that.  It is all smoke and mirrors.

The victim mentions on at least FOUR DIFFERENT TIMES publically that she was sexually assaulted.


Now, the latest addition on the drama comes from Nyre –

Received a message late last evening while at work. Apparently Nyre is now saying the girl consented to being sexually assaulted. Unbelievable!!!!
Quotes from Nyre –

“…a women who by her own consent was at a Gorean event, and was sexually assaulted…
“…These actions scream how little he knows about Goreans, or the ethos behind Normans books.”

My response to this idiocy –


In addition, here is the response from the Chicago Gor Home Stone leadership of Crell, posted in the Gorean Gathering Place –

“…why dig up vague and unsubstantiated attacks on someone else?”

The information is NOT vague or unsubstantiated. It is facts told in truth and honesty by one victim of sexual assaults happening at Chicago Gor Home Stone events. She shares specific and detailed information on what happened to her as a victim.

Crell also mentions numerous times that there was no sexual assault, (accusing the girl and others obviously of lying); but softens the sexual assault allegations to an innocent

…but an overaggressive hug…

Crell DID acknowledge that Malknius DID grab the victim’s ass unconsensually,  but  refuses to call it sexual assault. Instead, he downplays it as “an overaggressive hug”.

Crell stated in a post in the Chicago Gor group –

“Geran contacted me to lodge a complaint against Malkinius for grabbing CMZ’s butt. I mentioned the matter to Malkinius, who immediately (as in, within minutes) sent CMZ an apology.”

Malkinius’ girl also posted (that was deleted)

“My understanding was he (Malkinius) groped her ass.”

Apparently Malkinius is not the only one groping girls at Chicago Gor events… Malkinius’ girl states –

“Note another Master hugs and groped other slaves friendly and do you here him being denounced.”

Soon afterwards, Crell and others from the Chicago Gor Home Stone backpedal and the story changes again. The new position on the sexual assault, being proclaimed by everyone from Chicago Gor, including Crell, his girl, Malkinius; and those supporting them like Nyre, is to lie and not tell the truth.  They have repeatedly said it never happened at all. (In other words, the victim is lying and not telling the truth).


chicago gor sexual assault

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Fake Relationships and The Need To Be Open And Real

A brief video talking about some of the dangers of false profiles, false relationships and the personal encouragement to show when you are in an actual relationship. Goreans should be proud of who they have, and who is with them. It is healthy and enriching. There is nothing to be ashamed of or need to hide. Oddly, very few Gorean show this…..

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A Man Without A Home Stone (The History with Malkinius)

The history between Malkinius and myself began over 12 years ago; and originates from the incident with Mark and selena. That very vocal and often contentious history is well documented in several groups and several social media outlets.

My views of this person has remained the same throughout all these years. Unfortunately, he has continued to show a lack of respect for others property, and others have come forward with similar issues over many years. It was not an isolated occurrence. It has happened on several occasions.

He remained hidden and sheltered within the Chicago Home Stone for years. When things became public again last year over the latest sexual assault incident, he was finally booted out.

A man without a Home Stone.

He remains a leader of BearofAr’s group, is supported and enabled by BearofAr; and still promotes his Gatherings within that group.



Video added a couple of days later –

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Living As A Gorean, Openly and Unashamed

Living openly as a Gorean is rewarding, enriching and natural. Goreans strive to be people with Integrity, Honour, Truth, Freedom, Strength and Duty.
Yet, some people (online Goreans) believe and promote that somehow these things are bad. They even go as far as to suggest and promote that living openly and honestly as a Gorean is a sign of mental instability! That somehow it is illegal or go against the Gorean Ethos and Gorean way of living.
Most of this drama and outing of others has been coming from Nyre and her little pup Warlock.  Just because they are unable or cannot live a successful, prosperous and healthy Gorean life; DOES NOT mean that others cannot.
There are many Goreans who are open, honest and people of integrity. They refuse to hide or be embarrassed for what is natural, consensual and honourable to them.
Living as a Gorean in your own home is normal. To say it is child exploitation, mentally unstable, or unhealthy is utter nonsense.

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The Importance Of Belonging To A Gorean Home Stone

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The Time Fetlife Was Hacked

On August 27th, 2015, someone had hacked into Fetlife and removed me as Owner of one of the most popular and active Gorean groups on Fetlife. He used an alias of “GorBoar”.

Fortunately it was only for a few hours, and little damage was done.


Below is the messages between me and the Fetlife Caretakers –

20180516_155233.jpg one

I message the Fetlife Caretakers that Fetlife had been hacked; and that the Gorean Gathering Place has been hacked and has a new Owner, “GorBoar”

Fetlife Caretakers quick responses – 20180516_155412.jpg two


20180516_155503.jpg three.jpg