Being a Leatherman

Around the same time as I began reading the Gor Book series; I also started discovering and socializing with the biker crowd. They are a breed apart from all others. These individuals bow to no one, test the boundaries of all and give their devotion to few. The patch is worn with pride by those who choose not to settle, not to give in to polite society but instead ride with the wind in their face and their back to the status quo. Only another Leatherman can truly understand what belonging takes. Leather finds freedom in the style they see fit and apologizing to no one for it. Leather is “the ultimate expression of liberty.”
Leather is a subculture organized around sexual and social activism. Wearing leather garments is one way that participants in this culture self-consciously distinguish themselves from mainstream sexual cultures. It is the use of the body and erotic energy to explore spirituality. It is who you are in your soul. It cannot be taught. It is the essence of who you are.
I am Founder and current President of the Southern Ontario Leather Association (SOLA).
The Southern Ontario Leather Association (SOLA) is a Leather organization dedicated to education, social activism and understanding of alternative sexual lifestyles. While we are primarily a SM/Leather group, all interests are welcome.
Over the past 6 years, we have facilitated and conducted 40+ educational workshops and seminars, ran over 50+ Mingle and Mixers, held over 30+ sex positive (Invitation Only) Leather Traditions parties, and raised over $10,000.00 for various charities and Community groups.
The Southern Ontario Leather Association (SOLA) encourages participation and offers outreach to all men, women, people of color, creed, the physically challenged and all others who have traditionally been discriminated against or who are poorly represented within the Leather/BDSM/Fetish community.