✠ Being Gorean ✠

I started reading the Gor Book series in the late 70’s as a teenager. After several years of reading the Books; exploring and developing a personal and meaningful relational dynamic with my girls, my peers, my community and with nature; I made the conscientious decision on Saturday May 23rd 1987 to publically announce that I was Gorean. This was done in front of 300+ guests at the Collaring and my wedding ceremony that I helped officiate.
I have organised and facilitated dozens of Informal and Formal Gorean Gatherings over many years, including numerous Gorean Gatherings throughout Canada and the United States.
I have done interviews on CBC Radio, have had a couple of newspaper articles written, and have presented at several workshops and seminars sharing about the Gorean Philosophy, the Gorean Ethos and the Gorean Lifestyle.
I am the Founder and Moderator of the Gorean Gathering Place here on Fetlife. It is the original Gorean forum on Fetlife. The GGP is the oldest, largest, and most active Gorean group on Fetlife.
The Gorean Gathering Place is a social media forum online to assist Goreans in finding discussion on all things Gor. If you are seeking friendship, discussion or wanting to learn more of the Gorean Philosophy and Lifestyle; you are welcomed to join!
I am one of several Goreans who led to establish the Ontario Gorean Gathering and Assembly. We are a closeknit exclusive support network of Goreans living their lives openly throughout Ontario. We hold many informal Gatherings, house parties, road trips, social activity, as well as an Annual Gorean Gathering. We are dedicated to education and teaching. We have presented the ‘Removing Misconceptions of What It Is To Be Gorean’ seminar several times across Ontario.
I am a Gorean gentleman who is very actively involved in my local community; politically, socially and through civic and community service. I am a RAW individual, a Nomad; and my affiliations and associations are numerous and varied in activism and towards social change.