30th Year Anniversary

It is hard to believe that it was 30 years ago today, Saturday May 23rd 1987 that I had my wedding and established the Realm of the Purple Rose® Household!
A lot has changed over the years. We now have the internet, disco is dead (thank God!), Rush recently retired, and brace for it…. the Maple Leafs still have not won the Stanley Cup since Canada’s Centennial.
I am blessed to been able to have many people enrich and have a positive influence on my life. I have been privileged to have owned a few beautiful and wonderful women over the years. I have three beautiful children that have grown up, and become successful young adults in their chosen careers. My health is still very good, (although I do see myself slowing down just a little…).
I have travelled the world, doing missions service in Hong Kong, China, Egypt, Haiti, Cuba, New York City and several places in Canada.
I have been very active in politics and several Board of Directors. I have established a couple of ventures to enrich and benefit my local community.
All in all, I would not trade my Life and journey for anyone else’s. It has been a great 30 years proclaiming and living as a Gorean.