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Gorean and Integrity


What Is Integrity


Beware of the Gorean

Gorean Warning

Beware of the Gorean

The Gorean Philosophy, the Gorean Ethos and the Gorean Lifestyle

I have always been an individual that does not follow the crowd. I have been raised from early childhood to be independent. To evaluate, decide and act on any matter based simply on what is most important and is best for me and those in my charge; not to bend to peer pressure or be […]

The Matter of Respect

This is a subject the the past few years has been turned upside down with emphasis on the individual, not on their actions. In today’s  society, it is all about “Me”, not about the importance of their actions and words. How many times have you heard the phrases “I demand their respect”. Or  “You must […]

Actions That Embarrass

Alec Purves standing at swimming pool

A Gorean Master’s Creed

I BELIEVE I believe in many things. I believe in the Patriarch structure of a Household. I believe in being true to Oneself. I believe in being responsible and accountable to My slaves. I believe in Family and the importance of overseeing a strong Household. I believe in Honour, Respect, and Truth. I believe in […]

Leather House and Community

Leather House and Community

I am Master of a Leather House – known as the REALM of the PURPLE ROSE. I place a very strong emphasis on High to Medium Protocols; and enjoy many rituals and formal observances; including physical, mental, demonstrative and visual participation. I encourage numerous Presentation Rituals, Public Greetings and many Private Presentations based on service, […]