Actions That Embarrass

Alec Purves standing at swimming pool

“The Gorean will often tend to be courteous and refined in his speech, and yet, in action, direct and forceful, sometimes even ruthless and brutal. We thus have the combination of a gentleman and an uncompromising master in one, with that of a slave and lady in one.”  — Prize of Gor – Page 233

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Gorean?”  For many, it is people being rude and arrogant. It is of people bashing each other with verbal assaults and trying to discredit each other. Unfortunately, this is a real problem with talking online, and is definitely something that people just shrug their shoulders at and pass off as the ways to prove yourself to be accepted.

In the past, there have some that I have kept at arms length because of their words and actions. They are temperamental, childish and not in control of their emotions. They are an embarrassment to Goreans and others who look from outside inward at our groups and discussions. It is unacceptable and their words and actions define who they are.

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