The Gorean Philosophy, the Gorean Ethos and the Gorean Lifestyle

I have always been an individual that does not follow the crowd. I have been raised from early childhood to be independent. To evaluate, decide and act on any matter based simply on what is most important and is best for me and those in my charge; not to bend to peer pressure or be influenced by others opinions.

Following are my personal views on what is the Gorean Philosophy.

I began reading the Gor Book series as a young teenager. I was impressed and agreed with many of the concepts, principles and ideals found throughout the Books. The idea of a male dominated perspective and a Master/slave relational dynamic resonated deep in my inner being and was something I knew that would have a life long impact.
Over 30 years ago I started wrestling seriously with the concept of living and calling myself a Gorean. After several years, I made the conscientious decision to publicly proclaim that I was Gorean at my wedding and Collaring ceremony at a Church I pastored. (May 23rd 1987).

Back then there was no internet. No social media or easy way to find others of like mind or belief. The few I knew in my local area and had fellowship with, were all beginning to start their journey and discover for themselves the definition of what defines us.
There are many, many things that are found throughout the Book series that are the foundation and cornerstones of what and why I believe the way I do today. A few are mentioned below, but the list is not exhaustive.

The Gorean Philosophy

Oftentimes, you will find agreement and disagreement of what is the Gorean Philosophy. This is something that each person needs to examine for themselves, identify what is important to them, and finally make a conscientious decision to strive to live up to the standards and principles in their daily lives.

The Gorean Philosophy expounds in systematic detail on the importance of a structured subculture, the importance of Master/slave relationships, and the importance of individuality within all three.

Or in reverse –

  • Individual identity, standards and conduct. (Choice and responsibility)
  • The importance of position (Free or slave) and the relationship with ourselves, directly with others and the overall community.
  • Subcultural expectations and limits (Set by Law, custom, tradition or the sword of others).

The Gor Books first came out in publication in 1966 with Tarnsman of Gor. Within and throughout the Book series, there is a philosophy that embodies what we recognise today to be called the Gorean Philosophy.  Throughout the Book series, there are key philosophical principles or elements that are stressed as individualistic, on a relationship basis, and as a cultural existence of community. John Norman writes about several philosophies being embedded into Gorean society. It includes ancient Philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, Kierkegaard and Nietzsche.

Natural Order
Throughout the Books series, we see that men and women are not equal. Men are generally considered to be stronger, more dominant and influential. Women were considered to be nurturers, submissive and of service. It must be noted that there were exceptions to the general rule, such as Free women and Panther girls, although they are the exceptions. Women were not looked on as being inferior, but that they had an important key part in society.

The Natural Order extends beyond just the sexes. It was instrumental and a pivotal part of everyday societal structure among the Castes.

Slave Morality
Society designates everyday decisions and practices as either good or evil.

Oftentimes this comes from a moral or religious overtone that is being ruled by outside influences and control, or being dictated to by  others morals or opinions. If you are influenced or ordered to follow someone else’s guidance, opinion or practice, you are following a slave’s morality. If you issue someone else to follow your way of thinking or living, you are practicing a slave’s morality. To follow or lead someone else to abandon their own path, direction or thought – That is known as slave morality.

Master Morality
Gorean Philosophy practices and recognises individualistic expression and living by sheer force of will, known as Ubermensch. Each individual can live a life without any moral constraints. Goreans do not look at situations as good or evil; but simply as right or wrong. His limits are set only by himself, the Laws of the land, the Codes of his identified Caste, or by the sword of others.

To give no quarter, talk shit =get hit, individualistic yet communal, a nomad but still citizen of a Home Stone. That is a master’s morality.

Modern Day Gorean Ethos

Gorean ethics focuses on an individual striving to live a rich and full Life by practicing doing right by his own standards, convictions and direction.

Goreans stress the importance on truth. Seeking the truth is important, maintaining honesty in all actions concerning any matter or subject, or generally on all subjects.
Goreans stress the importance on integrity. Being true to yourself, keeping your word, adherence to moral and ethical principles; act upon the soundness of moral character.
Goreans stress the importance on honour. That which attracts self respect, dignity and courage; especially excellence of character, high moral worth, virtue, and nobleness.
Goreans stress the importance on freedom. The state of being free or at liberty. To establish personal sovereignty over oneself, and those under our responsibilities. By our action, word and choice.
Goreans stress the importance on strength. Accepting accountability for your choices, and standing against adversity and opposition. Acting with boldness, perseverance and self reliance.
Goreans stress the importance on duty. The binding force of something that is morally or legally right, A call to respect or obedience to country, family or position.

Gorean Lifestyle

Lifestyle is expressed in both work and leisure behavior patterns and in activities, attitudes, interests, opinions, and values. It also reflects people’s self image or self concept; the way they see themselves and believe they are seen by others. Lifestyle is a composite of motivations, needs, and wants and is influenced solely by the principles and ideals mentioned throughout the Gor Book series.


Goreans stress the importance to one’s position. You are either Free or slave.


Goreans stress the importance of responsibility. The Master for his slave; protection, teaching and ownership. The slave for her Master; being pleasing, meeting his needs and obeying his wishes.


Goreans stress the importance on ownership. A slave is a Master’s property, owned and Collared.


Goreans stress the importance on culture. The distinct way that people, who live differently, classify and represent their experiences, and acted creativity. These include relating to artistic, social pursuits or events considered to be valuable and important. It is a straightforward and openly Master/slave relational dynamic. Some of the more visible demonstrative impressions would include such things as the Collar, structure, protocols, traditions and daily rituals such as slave dances, slave positions, and mannerisms.

Being Gorean is simply following the Gorean Philosophy and living the Gorean lifestyle day to day. The principles, ideals and values are things that have been most rewarding to me over these many year.

UPDATE – I will not include this being part of the Gorean Philosophy simply because it is not.

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