The Matter of Respect

This is a subject the the past few years has been turned upside down with emphasis on the individual, not on their actions. In today’s  society, it is all about “Me”, not about the importance of their actions and words.

How many times have you heard the phrases “I demand their respect”. Or  “You must earn My respect”, etc.. The emphasis is on what can or will you do to get my respect. It is centred completely on self, not on simple manners and courtesy.

I was brought up that you gave everyone respect. You respected your elders. You respected your neighbours. You respected those in positions of authority. You respected the opinions, life choices and religions of others. You were courteous and had proper manners.

You gave respect automatically, until such time that that person lost your respect by their actions or words. It was not demanded or earned. It was given immediately and of free will. The emphasis was on them to keep your respect, not jump through hoops to receive  it.

In today’s society, the opposite seems to be the norm. I do not have to do anything, it is all about Me. You must earn My respect. I do not have to respect you. (See the difference in approach and attitude?).

Simple closing – it order to get respect, you must give respect.

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