Welcome to My Blog

Alec Purves sitting on the couch

I would like to spend the next few months sharing about My Life, My ideals and things that are important to Me.

I am very active in My local Community – the local civic community; as well as in living styles; both in Gorean circles and at local and National Master/slave and Leather affiliations. I would encourage whoever is with Me to be and do the same.

My Household functions strictly in a Master/slave dynamic. The others in My House are slaves. As such, the protocols, rituals, mannerisms and attitude are that of a M/s structure.

I believe in many things. I believe in the Patriarch structure of a Household. I believe in being true to Oneself. I believe in being responsible and accountable to My slaves. I believe in Family and the importance of overseeing a strong Household. I believe in Honour, Respect, and Truth. Being Gorean is Who I Am, being kinky is one of many activities I do.

I usually have several slaves with Me at most events – whether they be munches, playparties, Gatherings, or regular local Community events. My girls enjoy and do provide service for Me at public and private activities. My girls are My pride and joy.

This has been an evolving change the past couple of years. Being in contact with certain people and situations have led Me to a point where I had to change My attitude and perspectives on many things. The foundational cornerstones of Leather are parallel in principle to being Gorean – Honour, Respect, Truth and Loyality.

I am well known throughout southern Ontario. My strong, confident personality tends to polarize people’s opinions – either you know Me and accept Me; or you do not know Me and may fear or despise Me.

If you get to know Me = then you may become a Friend. If you do not know Me = then some may feel the need to attack, belittle, whine and complain, make up incredible fictional urban legends, or are just insecure or jealous.

I focus on looking after who is with Me – My girls and My Family and Friends. That is ALL that matters to Me. Other people’s opinions of Me or their opposition to what I believe in, and what I take a stand for, are irrelevant and mean little to Me.


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