The 13 Houses

I had mentioned in an earlier post ‘The Three Kingdoms‘ –  about some of the background to the establishment of The 13 Houses. When people became annoyed and troubled by the setting up of the Three Kingdoms; several people started talking and discussing the possibility of networking together and establishing Households. There was interest due in […]

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Tale of the Three Kingdoms

The year was 2007. I had the dubious privilege of witnessing the coronation of the three Kings and the announcement of the Three Kingdoms. It took place during a formal tea gathering at a kinky camping weekend. Three local organizers of area play parties thought it would be great to have a coronation ceremony, announcing their self […]

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Thoughts on munches

A munch is a place and meeting for kinksters to gather and discuss various topics in a casual setting. It is not a play party, and hook up or grind. Everything can be discussed from family, jobs, kink and the weather. I have been involved in running a successful munch in Cambridge, Ontario known as […]

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