Thoughts on munches

A munch is a place and meeting for kinksters to gather and discuss various topics in a casual setting. It is not a play party, and hook up or grind. Everything can be discussed from family, jobs, kink and the weather.

I have been involved in running a successful munch in Cambridge, Ontario known as the Cambridge Mingle and Mixer – . It is different from most munches in southern Ontario.

We have been very open and honest about what the munch is about, and what our purpose is in establishing a munch. The place we hold it at is very kink friendly, supportive of our efforts and partners in both education and promotion of kink events and workshops. We encourage the wearing of fet wear, Collars and a relaxed atmosphere.

There are many munches that are not as open. Some run under the guise of ‘the internet club’ or I have seen some called the ‘book club’. The management does not really know what and who is there, and the organizers have lied at times deceiving the establishment about the true purpose of the meetings.

Some munches have had to move, or even close because of dishonesty and not being true. I know of one munch that has run into trouble almost a dozen times, changing venues and cancelling meetings because of this method. It is an unwise practice, and not something that promotes a positive image.

It is much better to be honest and straightforward, than not being truthful. Being kinky is not illegal, and what happens at a munch is nothing out of the ordinary that happens at any bar on a weekend – just the conversation may vary. (Sometimes that may not even be true….).

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