Tale of the Three Kingdoms

The year was 2007. I had the dubious privilege of witnessing the coronation of the three Kings and the announcement of the Three Kingdoms. It took place during a formal tea gathering at a kinky camping weekend.

Three local organizers of area play parties thought it would be great to have a coronation ceremony, announcing their self proclaimed ascent to thrones and establishing the Three Kingdoms. They set themselves up as Kings with crowns ( from Burger King). It may have been in jest, but after some thought – they even established a group on one of the social networks and set up an affiliation whereby they all entered an agreement to govern southern Ontario as one entity.

This raised some eyebrows, and other organizers who ran other play parties started to distance themselves from any affiliation with this group. Independent parties started being established, smaller house parties sprung up every weekend, and some started looking elsewhere to play on weekends.

The idea may have sounded okay, but it caused some of the older seasoned folks to take a step back and re-evaluate where they wanted to support their money, time  and energy. After a couple of years, the online group folded, but it still is discussed with lightheartedness and some disdain from some in kink circles.

It is out of this background that the next Blog  The 13 Houses is written.

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