The 13 Houses

I had mentioned in an earlier post ‘The Three Kingdoms‘ –  about some of the background to the establishment of The 13 Houses.

When people became annoyed and troubled by the setting up of the Three Kingdoms; several people started talking and discussing the possibility of networking together and establishing Households. There was interest due in part by a workshop discussing Leather Households. On a popular social media network, the category Leather Household was added as an option. And some had had enough of the ‘leaders’ and wanted to speak out in a unified voice.

I was approached and asked if I wanted to be involved. My Household ‘REALM of the PURPLE ROSE” was already established for several years, and I declined to participate. I felt it was making a mockery of an already bad situation, and wanted to distance Myself from it.

Over many months, people organized and prepared to network the 13 Houses. Some leaned towards a Leather Household format , some leaned towards a Victorian Household structure, others were just kinky Households. in total, 13 Households were established throughout southern Ontario.

Many designed Family emblems and logos. Some spent a lot of time detail writing and preparing binders full of notes on protocols and rituals they wanted to develop and present. All of these were good ideas, but the foundation on which it originated was one I could and cannot agree.

Some of these Households have fallen by the wayside, others continue to exist. Thus the history of The 13 Households.

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