Gor Does Not Change

Alec Purves speaking on Gorean Philosophy and Structure

There have been many discussions and heated debates over many years on the topics surrounding issues such as Gor and BDSM, also about alternative sexual orientation, and the legality of slavery, etc..

What some of the more literal philosophers (sic) refuse to admit is that quotes can be found from the Gor Book series acknowledging that all of these subjects existed and are mentioned repeatedly throughout the series.

Some of those that argue the contrary are based on personal ideals, and a failed argument that some came to a consensus several years ago on what was acceptable as being ‘Gorean’. When you share and discuss issues with them, eventually they turn to personal attacks and false allegations  to try and discredit your stance and facts. They cannot counter what is written in the Books, so must use other tactics to try and censor those that disagree with them.

Over the years, I have been banned or censored because I am a free thinker, and can back My thoughts and ideals from the Books. It is a personal decision that I speak about, and do not expect others to agree and follow My example. Where I am in My Life is only for Me at this time, I cannot tell others what or not to do or behave.

Speaking on Gor and BDSM

When it comes to issues that some disagree on; backed the thoughts and opposition on quotes from the Book series, not on what You believe. Subjects like LGBQT, slavery, bondage, etc are mentioned repeatedly throughout the Books, you cannot deny or omit their existence and say they are not valid points.

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