Correcting Another’s Slave

Greetings everyone;

There has been a long time mentality among some people online that it is okay to physically or verbally correct a slave that belongs to someone else. I do understand the concept in theory, but in practical sense it creates many pitfalls and possible legal ramifications.

It seems common practice among some that public correction is a regular and acceptable occurrence. This is against what the Books teach, as well as places disrespect and outright contempt towards the Master of the slave in question.

The word of the master, of course, takes precedence over the word of a free person who is not the slave’s master or mistress.
Swordsmen of Gor – Page 178

I know here locally, any type of approach would be met swiftly with physical restraint, discipline and possible charges being laid. Online – anyone calling themselves a Master seems to have a right to correct whoever.

Slaves are property, and as such, are protected and owned. It is every Masters responsibility to protect what He owns. It is His choice alone who, if anyone, He allows to correct or protect His property. . It is no different than a Harley – touch or ride it without permission, expect dire consequences. Or another visual example – try correcting someone else’s dog – that will get you flat on your ass in a hurry.

What say you……..?

In Leather

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