Considering Adding Another Slave


I am Master of a Leather House – known as the REALM of the PURPLE ROSE. I place a very strong emphasis on High to Medium Protocols; and enjoy many rituals and formal observances; including physical, mental, demonstrative and visual participation. I encourage numerous Presentation Rituals, Public Greetings and many Private Presentations based on service, positions and various forms of dance and posture.

At present, I am in a loving long-term relationship with Kat. I also have a beautiful slave, dee, and have acquired a lovely couple that are dedicated in service to our Household. We are also looking for that special female that loves to explore new boundaries in a multiple of scenes, explore different communities and making new friends.

Consideration of Additions

I have recently decided to begin considering one additional individual for My Household. Specific areas I see a possible need for service include bootblacking and research on Leather history, – (these would not only be related to My Household, but to the entire Leather Family). If you would like to know about protocols, slave modes, rituals, mannerisms, traditions, Leather, etc..; contact Me to discuss the possibilities. I will consider anyone who is sincere and genuine in their desire to learn.

Female slaves that are serious about contacting Me must be up front with Me about their schedule and not feel pressured that they must attend each and every event as we enjoy a very active and outgoing social life. I enjoy attending private and public play parties, traveling, and many other activities.

In Leather


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