Identity and Social Media

Here on the internet, there is a sense of safety and security from family, co-workers, neighbours, perspective employers, etc.. The only ones that can see your profile are those that also join the site as a member.

Why not use your real name and location. We talk about truth, integrity and honour all the time; yet most hide behind a fake name and location. Why is that?

What about other social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.. Do you share bring Gorean on these sites? I understand these are open sites that anyone can search. I also know most of us have family on our profiles, places we work, co-workers and employers as friends, etc..

If we have made the decision to call ourselves Gorean; should we not be consistent on all social media networks? Is there shame in being Gorean? Is it illegal to call yourself Gorean? Have we really counted the cost or is it just a game online? How transparent are you? What are you worried about?

Everyone’s opinion is important. What say you…?

In Leather

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