Nonsense of Breaking a Slave

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the topic of “Breaking a Slave”. This topic comes up from time to time. it has gained popularity in southern Ontario, mainly promoted by some vocal organizers of a few local play parties.


It is a very simple answer.


IF a slave needs to be broken, it is easier to show her the door than have the patience to deal with her insubordination.

Traditionally, a new slave was explained the rules, expectations and perimeters how and when to act. Any questions were answered immediately and thoroughly to limit any confusion or miscommunication. If she knew the proper protocols and procedures, it allowed freedom and peace of mind. There is freedom and happiness in stability and proper boundaries. 








Anything short of obedience, being pleasing and following the rules is always unacceptable. If she chooses to disobey, show her the door. Beating or punishing a girl to make her obey is as fruitless as forcing a child to eat their vegetables. They may do it, but not from the heart and only providing lip service.


To have someone serve with an open, obedient heart – that is a very special connection and relationship. Anything short of that – I’ll pass.


In Leather


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