Why Women Fear Slavery

DISCLAIMER’ – This is My opinion; some will be offended that My views are not politically correct; or fall into line with what they may believe. Again = My opinion.

I have watched many people voice opinions and viewpoints on various posts here on this subject. The interaction has been both good; and a vehicle for educating others to a different slant on personal outlooks.

The one thing I would like to address is the whole stigma behind the nasty word ‘slavery’.
Many women struggle with this concept. Some feel it is a guage to whether or not they cut the mustard. Others go off on tantrums of having no voice; of possibily being killed, being a doormat, etc.. Still others mock the aspect that slavery was during colonial times with slaves from Africa; and is not happening today.
I would like to detail each argument and then pose some questions.

1) Slave or nothing…  I am amazed that when women approach Me; and they find out I am Gorean; many; (but not all); almost immediately state that “they are a submissive and could never be a slave.” When asking further questions to them; many have a real desire that they want to be cherished, to be taken care of, to be owned. Some women had this ideal years ago, of sitting at a Master’s feet, serving Him, to be His slave. How many women; when they were a child; dreams of being rescued by a Prince and being carried away? But; over the years of failed relationships, women’s lib, raising children, broken homes, etc..; those dreams become tarnished and they compromise.
The internet has not helped much – with many players online seeking self gratification and being morons.
To add to this; some women also become defensive because they label themselves as a submissive; and argue that they could never surrender to any Man. That has even been evident here on FetLife in some of the groups. Everyone has an opinion, and is entitled to it. (Read My disclaimer again).

2) Slavery equals no voice. Women have mentioned that to be a slave, is to be a doormat, to be possibly killed, to have no say in anything. I disagree 100% to these statements. To be Someone’s slave – means that they are in a Master/slave relationship. I do not micro manage anyone. Are there areas where the slave is better talented and knowledgable? Of course. Why would any Master make things more difficult for both parties; if He was not seeking what was best for both parties? Can or should she contribute
her opinion? Of course. In the end; a decision needs to be made; and Someone needs to make that decision.
Would a Master want to tarnish His image by having a slave that did not have a brain, was a dorrmat? Of course not! A slave reflects upon her Master; same as a Master reflects upon a slave. If one looks bad; they both look bad. That is the beauty of a Master/slave dynamic.
Concerning the ahock value of being killed; being a doormat, etc..; some women that call them selves submissives use these examples for shock value. We live in a world with laws – no one is above the Law. No one. If a relationship is abusive – you can leave. Press charges. Obey the Laws.

3) Slavery is not for today.  Again – I would disagree with this statement. There are many women that desire to be in a Master/slave relationship; but are fearful to proceed; because of misinformation; or just ignorance. Do some women crave to fall at a Master’s feet; and be owned by Him? Some do. Do they wish to be set free – to allow Someone else to make the decisions; to mold them; to teach and train them to what pleases Them? Some do.
Slavery is for today. Some desire to have this kind of freedom. It is their decision to surrender and allow Someone else to take control. It is what is best for them.

In closing – Is there a difference between a D/s relationship; and a M/s relationship?
What fears do you have of being a slave?
What joys have you had in being a slave?
Would you rather have a slave, or a submissive?

Just one Man’s opinion.
Be Well

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