The Leather Journey

Choose Your Path

Throughout our lives, we continue to make choices that lead us in a direction of where and who we are today. It encompasses everything from our career choices, sexual partners, who we affiliate with, where we reside, and how we define ourselves.

As a Leatherman, I share with others that Leather is a life long journey. With every journey, we first need to define and decide what and where we want our destination to be. It is futile and unrewarding to just go through Life aimlessly, without any direction or purpose. For many people in society, this is acceptable and the status quo; but for a Leatherperson, this is not the case.

We define our journey, our journey does not define us

This may seem to be a conflict, but in reality it is not the case. We choose to be people of integrity. We choose to come out and be separate from society. We choose to identify and become activists for social and moral causes. It is a choice each individual examines and decides to act on independently. we choose the direction and way We will live our lives.

From the early beginnings of Leather, it was people making the choices to be separate. Wearing leather garments was one way that participants in this culture self-consciously distinguished themselves from mainstream society. It was taking a stand and resisting the norms and status quo.

A Path Less Traveled

Throughout our journey of Life, we will come to many crossroads and forks in the road. Choices will have to be made which direction we will travel. Oftentimes the greatest rewards and satisfaction comes from choosing a path less traveled. The path will be more rugged. There will be resistance.  It will take more effort and probably have obstacles along the way. It will challenge and push us further physically, mentally, and spiritually; but the rewards and satisfaction of traveling  a path few will see or experience is what Leather is all about. It enriches and makes the individual journeyer stronger and sure of who and what they are. It challenges and pushes them. We know the destination. We choose the path with the greatest rewards.

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