You Might Be a Gorean Redneck If…..


… You have a photo of you hunting or fishing; proving you are a provider on a dating site

… You believe the only way to remain ‘true to yourself’ is to move to Alaska

… You insist your amount of being Gorean is dependent on how many Gorean groups you join

… That roleplaying on Second Life equals real life experiences

… That beginning a conversation with “Tal” and ending it with “Be Well” are the only forms of communications accepted among real Goreans

… Have an understanding of the Third Knowledge but are unable to share it with anyone else because only you are gifted to know it

… Taking a photo of you in the nadu slave position in a messy clutered room proves how much of a domestic slave you are

… Capping and uncapping/slashy/ speech is evidence how Gorean you are

… Watching the Gor movies as your source of information

… Believing reading the Books automatically makes you a verified warrior (or slave)

… The answer to any argument can be settled and end with RTFB!

… You carry a spare Collar in your back pocket just in case…..

… Your wisdom of Gor is in direct relation to the length of your beard

… Your name consists of a fictional place such as Ar or Tabor

… You are proud to tell everyone you have read all the Books more than 6 times and still believe they are literary genius

… The only place to make love is in the furs

… One’s stature is in direct relation to the size of their Home Stone

… Attending Ren Fairs equals the real life culture of Gor

… That eating at His Majesty’s Feast is obviously a Gorean establishment

… That Goreans are the best equipped in the entire world to handle a Zombie Apocalypse

… You fill out that you have been a  ‘yellow caste’ for many years online, when filling out a job  application for a construction job

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