Dating Profile


I am a separated father (since ’04),with three children who are all grown up and living on their own.

Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age.”
― Anaïs Nin

I live Life to the fullest. , I am an open minded and adventurous gentleman. (Yes ladies – Chivalry is not dead…). I enjoy both a great kickass rock concert or the finer classical and arts side of entertainment. Annual subscriber to KW Symphony and Centre in the Square.

I am very active in my local community and participate in various events and worthwhile causes. In the past I have served on numerous Board of Directors. Presently I teach and run seminars and workshops on kink related and sexual expression topics and safety practices. Check Leather Traditions dot ca for more background information.

I believe and practice old fashion values and morals.

I also love staying at home, relaxing and spending a quiet evening watching movies or just being together. There is nothing better than looking forward to coming home to someone you miss and think about regularly while at work.

I am into sports, mostly football and hockey. I am a Bruins fan, but welcome all other team fans (including the blue and white…). I try to stay physically fit.

Perfect Match

CAVEAT – Understand that this is a description of a ‘perfect match’. I realize that these are many ideals I look for in a woman, but understand all may not be accomplished.

* A lady who enjoys the finer things Life offers (KW Symphony, live theatre, concerts and social functions).
* A lady who has a kinky side waiting to explore.
* A lady who appreciates the little things such as impromptu flowers, gifts and dinners out.
* A lady who has an edgier side, enjoys Life and embraces all that it offers.
* A lady who is employed and independent.
* Must have or is able to obtain a passport for travelling.
* A lady who is strong yet is willing to let someone else look after her.
* A lady who is adventurous.
* A lady who understands the meaning of secure and open communications.
* A lady who is open minded.
* A lady who has a heart for her community and believes in community service..
* A lady who is intelligent and does not mind hosting, welcoming and interacting with others.
* A lady who is a social butterfly (at times); and loves to sit by my feet at other times.
* A lady who understands “Women need to be loved”. “Men love to be needed”.

* A lady who enjoys being a lady.

Ideal Date

A nice dinner and a walk afterwards. Talking and sharing are important to knowing each other early.
If there is a connection and interest by both parties, then there will be many times that a movie, concert or outing can be planned in the near Future

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