Why Structure And Rituals Are So Important To Me


Over the years, I have been blessed to have been in the company with many beautiful women. It has been a wonderful time of wild, passionate sex, in depth conversation, and much needed companionship.

Many of the relationships lasted for a season,; whether that was a couple of years, a summer fling, or sometimes for several years. In all of the relationships what was most important to me was structure and rituals. Once these were challenged or dismissed, there was not a common bond I needed to continue.

There is a quote I love mentioned in the Gor Book series –

Ritual is important. It is fulfilling and meaningful. It is beautiful. It is symbolic, mnemonic, instructive. It establishes protocols. It expresses, defines, and clarifies conditions. It is essential to, and ingredients within, civilization. Similarly, do not overlook the significance and value of symbolism.
—Vagabonds of Gor, page 213

I am a very passionate and visual person. Simple things means the world to me.

  • Sitting at my feet
  • Asking and serving my drinks
  • Being naked in bed in the nadu position
  • Asking permission to go to the washroom
  • Holding hands together while walking
  • Showering together and then performing towel service
  • Asking permission to eat
  • Opening doors for you
  • Stripping slowly before me, then dropping to nadu before we play publicly
  • Simple passionate kisses and caressing just because it feels good
  • Addressing people by their proper position
  • Having the freedom to flirt and play with others knowing I am okay with it
  • Taking you at will whenever and wherever I please.

The list above is not exhaustive; but these are the foundation points that I need in any relationship. To me they seem very simple and straightforward. Unfortunately finding a girl who enjoys and craves structure and rituals is more difficult than imagined.

With some women the sex has rocked my world. With others the protocols and mannerisms have been outstanding. With others the conversation and companionship has been enlightening and fulfilling. To find a woman that encompasses everything is still a challenge and an ongoing search.

“Strong men simply need women. This will never be understood by weak men. A strong man needs a woman at his feet, who is truly his. Anything else is less than his fulfillment. When a man has once eaten of the meat of gods he will never again chew on the straw of fools.”
Explorers of Gor – Page 12

This is why structure and rituals are so important to me. A quote I use often is this –

“Women need to be loved. Men love to be needed.”

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