After 25 years, finally beginning to reach a new goal

Back in 1991, the year my first son was born, I established a goal for myself of donating blood 250 times. Over the years, I tried to donate regularly with limited success. On Tuesday January 26th 2016 I finally reached my goal! I had donated blood to the Canadian Blood Services 250 times!

Over the past few years, I started planning a new goal. When I finally reached giving blood, I wanted to get some tattoos. In February, I completed getting both sleeves done on my arms. The right sleeve is of the Boston Bruins logo and bear, the left arm is of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats logo and a tiger cat.



I have also started working on my back tattoo. It is the Purves Family Clan Crest. within a Celtic Cross. This is a larger piece to complete, and should be done over the next month or so.






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