Prae’s End Game

A couple of things that I discovered and am mulling over….. Prae mentioned …I applaud the management of FetLife for silencing this endless litany of false bravado. Nobody really cares (except xxxxxx and Alec) because when it’s all said and done, this was a tempest in a teacup… Yet the past few months all I […]

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Wrap Up With Dragon

Dragon issued a challenge over nine months ago, running off his mouth again, and  threatening to kick my ass. I laughed and gladly accepted. I responded by giving him 9 months of exact dates, addresses and times to meet. He had more than enough time to get the paperwork and visit. All I got were […]

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Videos From Rome NY

The first video shows and proves I was in Rome NY.  Some people say I was not. Lying again – Dumbasses.   The second video is about the two bars. Cris Grub and Pub that I was at waiting for Dragon. He never showed. The other bar across the street is Sammy’s Gs; (the bar […]

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Visiting Rome NY

This is the bar Sammy Gs that Dragon lied and said he was banned from. Here is the location of where I will be buying Dragon a beer. Video will be  uploaded when I return back home. Chis Grub and Pub I also took videos Saturday morning once I scouted new location and that I […]

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Another Busy Weekend Ahead!

I am looking forward to travelling to Upstate New York to visit with friends and personal pleasure this long weekend. Congrats to Piston and Janelle on the news of their upcoming wedding! Looking forward to the Stag Saturday night! It is an honour to be asked to emcee at your wedding in a couple of months. […]

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Two Very Busy Weekends Ahead

  I am very excited to be presenting at Friday the 13th @Port Dover – ‘Co-Relation between the Leather and Biker Culture’; and some workshops with 4 lovely demo dolls. Bikes, Babes, Bands @ Beer = Good times A great time with friends and Family.   The following weekend May 20th – 23rd,  I will […]

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