Completed Clan Purves Family Crest Tattoo


Completed tattoo of the Clan Purves Family Crest. I am very pleased with the skill, craftsmanship and authenticity of the Clan Crest done by Mark from Hailstorm Tattoos.

Below is the full back tattoo finished.

22 hours over three appointments. I am very pleased with the outcome and final tattoo.


The blue and white rope symbolises a division in the Clan Purves. The blue and white rope shows the loyalty to the Church of Scotland, know as the Presbyterian Church. This division in the Clan Purves  happened 100 years after the tussle between Mary Queen of Scots and John Knox. All Clan Purves were loyal and fought for Mary Queen of Scots.  Many of the Clan were involved in the Battle of Corrichie and also in the Battle of Carberry Hill.

After the death of Mary Queen of Scots, the Scottish Reformation and the Union of Crowns in 1603, the Clan Purves split along religious and political backgrounds.

There are other Clan Purves that have the red and yellow rope symbolism in the Clan Purves Family Crest – they remained to support and follow the Catholic religion.

Clan Purves Family Crest Catholic loyalty and religious background

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