Wrap Up With Dragon


Dragon issued a challenge over nine months ago, running off his mouth again, and  threatening to kick my ass. I laughed and gladly accepted. I responded by giving him 9 months of exact dates, addresses and times to meet. He had more than enough time to get the paperwork and visit. All I got were lies and excuses. A NO SHOW FOR NINE MONTHS!

He kept running his mouth, including mentioning that I was too afraid to go meet him in his city. I laughed again. I decided then to go see him. I planned to visit his city for meetings and a stag – Rome NY.  I even gave him a week notice. I had hoped we would meet over drinks, and try to talk things out. If not, and if he kept being an asshole and running off his mouth; then I had no issue settling it outside in the alley with no cameras. Maybe I am just old fashioned; but if you are going to keep running your mouth, you had better back it up. Some Goreans are pacifists on this topic. I am not. I draw a line. When push comes to shove, I will react and not sit back. I had had enough of the threats, insults and attacks on myself and many others over the years. I called his bluff.

That was not what he expected. For the entire week before I arrived, all I heard and read were excuses, lies and threats how everyone from HA, his friends, his family, etc.. had his back. He even says he called a lawyer and would call the cops!

I arrive and set a time and place. He lies saying he is banned from that location. I set up another time and location. ANOTHER NO SHOW! He lies again saying he has the kids. If anyone knows Dragon, he does not spend time with his children. All his time is spent online. There were no children. IT WAS MEETING AT A PUBLIC PLACE – a Pub! HOW threatening is that!!!

Dragon will recognise this place


Then, he waits until he knows I am out at a stag with friends to send this photo seen above. (Tough man flipping the bird). He even waited until he knew I was out of town to go to the bars with two buddies as backup,  and take some pictures of him there ( hours AFTER the meet!). What a coward!

Then when just when you thought a man  couldn’t get any more pathetic….. Dragon cries stalker and tries to make himself out to be a victim. Fucking ridiculous! The irony is when  the Caretakers intervened, to get a FLRO against me,  it backfired on him! He already had warnings issued because of another FLRO he issued.. Not only did he get a suspension for himself; now he cannot even mouth off anymore! Muzzled like a yappy dog. Sweet poetic justice.

Almost every man I know would have made damn sure to go to the meet when scheduled. Get a babysitter. Reschedule visitation until the holiday Monday. Anything but lie and hide behind a closed, locked door, like Dragon did, when I came knocking at his door. There were no children present. Just Dragon turning off the TV and hiding quietly behind a locked door. Fucking coward!

Although we never met and resolved our differences; I do take some satisfaction knowing this will fester and eat away at him like an open wound. He will be consumed with hatred and self pity.

He will FOREVER be known as the COWARD who hid behind a locked door. Huff and Puff.

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