Prae’s End Game


A couple of things that I discovered and am mulling over…..

Prae mentioned
…I applaud the management of FetLife for silencing this endless litany of false bravado. Nobody really cares (except xxxxxx and Alec) because when it’s all said and done, this was a tempest in a teacup…

Yet the past few months all I have seen is this
Show Cause – Alec Purves
Turiags position on Alec Purves banning.
What Rules do you Play By Alec?
You WERE NOT THERE, Alec!!!!!
Well yeah, fuck you plastic pants…
He Fucked Her, He Submitted?
(And probably more I am unaware of presently).

Thousands and thousands of comments have been racked up under these titles. Discussions have been cross-posted under these titles more times than I can remember. All, if not most; were directly or indirectly started by Prae or his ‘side’ actions or persuasion.

Prae also mentioned this
… Alec… you might begin to understand why there isn’t an FLRO on you…

Ever since the ‘WAR’ was declared, and we saw a rash of FLRO’s handed out like candy, I sat back and watched all this unfold; I have been wondering what the ‘end game’ is.

We can see that Prae really sucks at starting or keeping any Fetlife groups with any substantial numbers. He craves to be ‘The Voice of Gor’. That is very evident by past actions and campaigns over the years. I just removed him (not banned yet) from my group – The Gorean Gathering Place. If it is numbers or a ready made audience as part of his ‘end game’; I want no part.

Prae recently mentioned
The FLROs were like a cutter driven across a pane of glass in a precise direction; when the fault was put to stress, the resulting fracture created a lifelong division along a line that was carefully planned.

I have always stated that there are obvious camps and divisions within online Gor. Most go back years and years of past history and skirmishes. I have always tried to stay ‘neutral’; not really trusting or favouring any side; but strived and am able and ready to stand alone on my own beliefs and principles.

Let the walls be built. Let the trenches be dug. Some camps are getting smaller and smaller in numbers, but louder and louder in needing to be heard. With the FLRO’s and bannings, soon they will be muzzled or isolated. Very effective indeed. (They just do not see which side of the wall they are facing) . Someone dubbed it and likened it to “an echo chamber”. I agree.

In Leather

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