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Actual Facts About Homosexuality and Goreans

There are many Goreans who try and suggest it is only in recent years that the topic of homosexuality and Gor has become very heated and divisive. Several Goreans, including myself; have been at the forefront of addressing this topic; sharing and explaining in detail why and how many in the online community of Goreans […]

CBC Radio Interview anniversary gor books-1.3687077 Monday July 11th 2016 Radio Hosts Craig Norris and Andrea Bellemare Guests Alec Purves, Dave Edwards, Rachel  and Anne Had a great interview in studio discussing the 50th Anniversary of the Gor Book series; as well as sharing and discussing about the Ontario Gorean Gathering and Assembly. There was several […]


I am Master of a Gorean and Leather Household – known as the REALM of the PURPLE ROSE. It’s orientation is as a Male Dominant Heterosexual Leather (MDHL) Household. The REALM of the PURPLE ROSE, is one of several Gorean and Leather Houses that have joined together to form a very closeknit and active Leather Family.     Located […]

The Master/slave Flag

Universal recognised Master/slave flag adopted at Master/slave Conference in Washington DC in 2005. MsC began in the summer of 2004 and this year will be our annual event. The Master/slave Conference will take place over Labor Day Weekend, at a in the Washington, DC area. The single vertical line means authority, power, or dominance. The […]

What It Means To Be A 1%

Above is the ring gifted to me by my peers. One percenters are a breed apart from all others. These individuals bow to no one, test the boundaries of all and give their devotion to few. The 1%er insignia is worn with pride by those who choose not to settle, not to give in to […]

Enjoy The Simple Things

Only those who have to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do difficult things easily — Friedrich Von Schiller There are many things in life that can occupy our time; but it is the simple things that give us much enjoyment and satisfaction. Having a girl sitting at your feet at a […]

Leaving A Legacy Of Positive Results

I have been reflecting lately about how we touch people’s lives, and the importance of leaving a legacy of positive results. I have always tried to encourage others by words and action. This has come in may forms; from helping a friend move, to visiting the sick in the hospital, to supporting through financial or […]