The Master/slave Flag

symbol_master_slave_pride_flag-300x180Universal recognised Master/slave flag adopted at Master/slave Conference in Washington DC in 2005. MsC began in the summer of 2004 and this year will be our annual event. The Master/slave Conference will take place over Labor Day Weekend, at a in the Washington, DC area.

The single vertical line means authority, power, or dominance. The three horizontal lines together is an established ideogram.

In one system of psychological signs the three horizontal lines symbol is used to mean ‘passive intellect’, which is synonymous with submissive.

Look under – 10:1 and 10:11

My Household functions strictly in a Master/slave dynamic. The others in My House are slaves. As such, the protocols, rituals, mannerisms and attitude are that of a M/s structure.

In Leather


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