Not Telling The Truth


Over the past couple of years, there was some major flame wars and character assassinations happening online between Goreans. To this date; the two major camps continue to belittle, mock and try and discredit the other side by writings, postings in groups and poorly veiled status updates on their profiles. Sniping back and forth is a regular occurrence that has gone on for years. There was one individual, Nyre, who was constantly being overly dramatic and each time she retold a certain instance, the story changed just a little bit.

Over many years, she has gone after many people, rehashing and retelling events that may or may not have happened years, even decades earlier. On numerous times she tried to bring the drama of attacking other Goreans into the Gorean Gathering Place, and each time I had to admonish and reprimand her.

After correcting her on numerous occasions, she became bitter and very spiteful.

On one occasion, I was on a trip to the States running an Informal Gorean Gathering,  when she posted in The Gorean Gathering Place some false court documents about Dragon_, one of the people she had a major hate on for. I saved the document for Future investigating. I knew then that in a few months, I would be traveling to the area where the person being attacked was living. He had repeatedly said there were two documents being passed around on Fetlife, but Dragon_  was just as dishonest and unbelieveable as Nyre.

In May I travelled to Rome, New York for a Stag and Doe, as well as hopefully meeting with Dragon_. I had asked friends living there to get the Court Records of Dragon, and I would repay them when I arrived.


Upon further examination of the two copies,  it was easy to see that the copies that Nyre and ChainTee were passing around on Fetlife were forged and outright lies. I personally believe that they both already knew this, but did not care.

Nyre has also lied about an incident involving myself on at least two occasions in the past few months. One was involving a visit I had with a prospective girl in Florida. The visit did not go well, and I posted about it here in My Blog. Nyre took the story, and for shits and giggles did a post in another group about my misfortune. Unfortunately, she posted in the title about this Florida girl stealing from me. It was an outright lie and I confronted Nyre on it. I told Nyre that she was lying, but she did not care. Others in that group, the Gorean Roundtable Discussions,  knew it was a lie, but did nothing. Simply no morals. Just another axe to grind.

On another occasion recently, she mentioned that I have stated in the past  that Free women had no value. Another outright lie. I have stated on numerous occasions that I am looking for slaves, and that no Free women is of personal interest to me. Much different meaning and focus.

She is an unstable woman with no morals. She will try to cloak herself as a person of high morals, and high standards; all the while showing through her words and deeds continuously, that she has none at all. Nyre is just a  bitter, resentful and despising woman crying for attention.

In closing, I am finding it hard to believe in anything that Nyre says. She has passed around false documents knowingly about Dragon. She is deceitful and full of vengeance. She has openly lied about avi stealing from me. She has lied about my interest strictly in slaves, and not Free women. She can not be trusted or believed.

If you look at her profile, or have watched her over many years, she has also talked about being stalked. persued, etc. etc.. I am finding it hard to believe these incidences now. I now believe she was never stalked by numerous people. It is all about the attention. She loves the drama, and attention for always being the victim. Sometimes it is overkill and very unbelieveable.

I am sure she will continue to talk bad of me, trying to say that an incident that happened over 10 years ago, and was dealt with then; is prevalent and still important today. It would not surprise me if she claims that anything I do today, and over the many years previously with the Ontario Gorean Assembly;  or my own Home Stone – the REALM of the PURPLE ROSE® ; that somehow she and others from the old Silk and Steel era should take credit for. Utter nonsense! Silk and Steel was a social experiment that failed miserably, with disastrous results that the online Gor community never really recovered from.

I am sure her bitching and whining posts will continue in the Roundtable, her complaining and crying will continue on her profile and in her status updates.

She is not a victim. Just an emotional, unstable agitator who lies, is spiteful and hates to be corrected.

She left the Gorean Gathering Place, and returned to another group to run wild and bitch and complain. She has turned that group into another Colosseum of whiners and complainers.

UPDATE – Nyre went to the Caretakers to complain and have the screenshot of her losing her shit on her profile removed from my Blog.. Screenshot removed by request of the Caretakers, given a 3 day ‘time-out’;  but many, many  people saw and read it.

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