Gor Is Not About….


Gor is not about HOCKEY

  • HOCKEY is not part of the Gorean Philosophy
  • HOCKEY is not mentioned in the Books
  • You are just a HOCKEY player.
  • HOCKEY has nothing to do with Gor
  • You cannot love Gor and HOCKEY
  • HOCKEY goes against the Natural Order
  • HOCKEY goes against the Order of Nature
  • HOCKEY is a slave’s morality
  • No one else from years past talked about HOCKEY
  • HOCKEY is not Gorean


If you are Canadian, chances are you would disagree with many of these points. Being Canadian, and Gorean allows you to enjoy and participate in any activities you want. It is your Life. Your decisions. Your choice.

Some will try to influence you to follow their example, or try to convince you that their input carries weight, or that they can determine your circle of steel (influence and happiness).

No thanks.

Most Canadians will get the following video. It is OUR UNWRITTEN CODE

And to share a secret – Watching Canadians being born is a glorious thing! It is natural and Canadian Goreans do play and enjoy ‘playing’ in the activities, or as spectators.
PROOF HERE – https://www.facebook.com/kennyhotz/videos/10154050001379069/

BTW – Replace the word HOCKEY and change it with BDSM, and see how ridiculous the argument becomes.

Being Gorean is a way of living by the Gorean Philosophy and Lifestyle. BDSM is simply an activity some Goreans may choose to participate in.

In Leather

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