Remembering the Collaring at the Airport

Back in 2008, I was in correspondence with a lovely lady from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She was a Free woman, but was very interested in wanting to see if 24/7 slavery could be a reality for her. After many emails, texts, and phone calls, we agreed to meet at the upcoming Everytodowithsexshow in Toronto in September 2008.

We hit it off right away, and she returned to Kitchener for the weekend to attend a local party and meet some of my friends. We spent time down at Kitchener City Hall, as well as a local club. It was a great weekend and visit.

city hall
At Kitchener City Hall
rotunda stairs
Inside Kitchener City Hall. Showed her the Committee Rooms I serve on. She has such a beautiful smile.
Outside Kitchener City Hall. I am always fooling around and making a scene….

Before she returned home to Halifax, we agreed to discuss in detail the possibilities of a 3 month Contract for her to explore her slavery. The Contract would begin in late October when I flew to Halifax, and would continue with several trips down East to January 2009.






Landing in Halifax on Friday October 24th 2008, I did a small Collaring Ceremony right the at the airport, as well as we signed the 3 Month Contract of her slavery.

Kneeling slave
slave kneeling before her Master at Halifax airport
2nd airport
Placing the Collar around her throat. She gasped and quivered with anticipation and excitement
3rd airport
Tears of joy and happiness as the Collar was bucked and snapped shut
4th airport
Happy slave in her new Collar at where else??? ——-> Tim Hortons inside Halifax airport

She was a beautiful girl. It was a very busy 3 months. Several trips down East. She was the Matriarch of Nova Scotia. Owned a dungeon and was very instrumental in organising the kink community there. Helped with her local community.

Unfortunately, the community came first, and we both realised that her calling and position was best served in helping to run and serve as a leader to the group there.

couch with LadyJ
Enjoying quiet time together. I was very, very proud of her.

It was a very positive Contract. She learned a lot of herself. The local community had some difficulty seeing their Matriarch kneeling at my feet and being a slave, but it was necessary for her to try and see if this could be a reality.

It was a very positive and rewarding experience for both of us.



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