‘Red Flags’ for Goreans


So… you started reading the Gor Book series, been searching the internet for more information, and wanting to move from online to real time.
So You Are New to Gor is a good place start to read and understanding some of the issues and concerns.

What draws Goreans together is the Books, the Philosophy and the Lifestyle. These are all wonderful things to learn, share and strive to live. With any group of people, there are always those who are genuine who will want the best for you; and those who may not have your own best interest at heart.

The following are some of the ‘RED FLAGS’ you should know about when meeting anyone new. The list is available so you can make a wise decision and understand about your safety and education.

1. Do not give out any personal information about yourself to someone you just met on the internet. (Actual name, address, workplace, etc..). Stalkers are real and active on any website, including Fetlife.
2. Do not meet anyone new alone, and without a safe call. Meet in a public place such as a restaurant or coffee shop. Always have a safe call.
3. If agreeing to cam online, understand the other person can take still photos and distribute at will. If doing any nudity, understand it may end up on the internet.
4. Do not give anyone your passwords to your email or FL account.
5. If they do not have any actual photos of themselves, or have a fake address posted, that could be a red flag.
6. If they say they have to be discreet and seem to be hesitant about sharing past relationships.
7. If they call you at odd hours and block their phone numbers.
8. If they try and isolate you from your friends and social activities you enjoy.
9. If they want to ‘protect you’ or ‘mentor you’ after only just meeting.
10. If they try and dictate who are your friends, and what groups to join.
11. If they say you are a ‘bad slave’ for not doing as they demand.
12. If they ask for money.
13. If all of their past relationships involved girls with emotional issues or government assistance.
14. If they cannot hold down a job.
15. If they degrade, belittle or undermine your self worth.
16. If they have a criminal record.
17. If they have jealousy issues and are insecure about themselves.
18. If they want to move in right away.
19. If they do not use safe words.
20. If they do not practice safe sex.
21. If they use drugs or drink a lot.
22. If they are always comparing themselves to everyone else.
23. If they demand you follow their rules, but they do not themselves.
24, If they lie and are deceiving.
25. If they tell you they are the best thing you will ever have.
26. If you are in a long distance online relationship, and you are ‘under protection’ or ‘under consideration’. They will make promises to meet IF you meet all their requirements, but continue to make excuses NOT to or UNABLE meet after several weeks or months. (You will never meet them).
27. If everything is your fault, and they take no responsibility for their actions, temper, etc.
28. If all your contact is on cam and they have you doing things that may jeopardize your safety.

Above are some of the ‘RED FLAGS’ to look out for. They may not be of concern if only one or two are present, but if there are several listed, be concerned. If you were nodding your head continually throughout this list – RUN AWAY!

In Leather

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