Something I Must Do


I have known her since she was a baby. I remember many a time holding her in my arms as a baby, singing soothing, soft, rock ballads to put her to sleep. As she grew, I remember coaching her, along with my daughter,  in softball, field soccer and hockey. She is now a beautiful 23 year old lady.

Over two years ago, she was shocked to find out that her kidneys were damaged from Type 2 Diabetes, and that she needed to begin dialysis. Over the past few months, her health took a turn for the worse, and she needed a kidney transplant.

Every ten minutes, someone is added  to the national transplant waiting list. On average, 20 people die each day waiting for a donor.

Her parents are an active part of our Gorean Assembly. Our children grew up together, went to school together, played sports together, travelled on holidays together, and visited regularly in each other’s homes.

Talking with the parents and her; myself, and two other wonderful people, Stan and Bella,  from our Gorean Axe Throwing team, offered to step up and begin testing to see if any were a match. I knew I was the same blood type, and offered to begin the process of becoming a donor. More tests of cross matching, serology and tissue typing came back positive.

Over the past while, I have been getting my affairs in order. I just received a new promotion at my work, and needed to make arrangements to take the 6-8 weeks off work for recovery.

The local Assembly has been very supportive, raising funds and awareness for the Kidney Foundation. A rock concert, featuring local Goreans and friends, A Rebel Few;  was held in December to raise funds as well.

This Friday, January 19th 2018, is the transplant operation. It will be done by laparoscopic technique, and the operation will last between 2-3 hours. Recovery is estimated between 6-8 weeks, depending on any complications.

Knowing the family, this young lady, and the risk of death if no donor came forward; it was an easy decision to make. It was simply something I must do. It is giving the gift of Life. I only need one to continue to live a completely fulfilled Life. Why would I not donate???

I am going to ask a very personal and difficult question to many who read my Blog – “Why would YOU not donate???”


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