Account Suspended For A Week

I am amused that the Chicago Home Stone had to run to the Caretakers to try and silence the issues of sexual assault, and threats of outing. If you look through the threads, (whatever has not been removed); there WAS sexual assault issues numerous times; and the leadership of the Chicago Home Stone denies and has done everything to try to  silence and bury it. This has included several deleted posts, outright lies, victim blaming, and finally calling in the Caretakers when I refused to be silent.

Numerous people have come forward over the years to share their stories of assaults or girl being assaulted, or witnessing someone else by Malkinius. Others have been proactive in getting the word out.

  • Mark and selena
  • Zarius and talena
  • Kree and flame
  • Geran and cmz
  • pearl (Malkinius’ own slave)
  • Several others who wish not to come forward due to the victim blaming


Even more surprising (not really..) is that the Silk and Steel gang (Malkinius, Crell, Nyre, BearofAr, etc..) are defending and supporting the sexual assaults! He groped and grabbed her ass without permission, (all in guise of asking for a hug). That is sexual assault. Period. Expect them all to bully and pressure her to water down what happened.

Below is the email from the Caretakers.


Fortunately, this Blog gets more traffic, and with plans for the upcoming radio show, possible Youtube discussions,  and media blitz; the word and warnings will continue to get out.

The timing is good anyways, I will be laid up for awhile recovery from surgery.

Update: Tuesday January 23rd 2018

Had an email this morning. Apparently someone from Chicago approached Caretakers about taking over the Gorean Gathering Place! Classy move!



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