Living As A Gorean, Openly and Unashamed

Living openly as a Gorean is rewarding, enriching and natural. Goreans strive to be people with Integrity, Honour, Truth, Freedom, Strength and Duty.
Yet, some people (online Goreans) believe and promote that somehow these things are bad. They even go as far as to suggest and promote that living openly and honestly as a Gorean is a sign of mental instability! That somehow it is illegal or go against the Gorean Ethos and Gorean way of living.
Most of this drama and outing of others has been coming from Nyre and her little pup Warlock.  Just because they are unable or cannot live a successful, prosperous and healthy Gorean life; DOES NOT mean that others cannot.
There are many Goreans who are open, honest and people of integrity. They refuse to hide or be embarrassed for what is natural, consensual and honourable to them.
Living as a Gorean in your own home is normal. To say it is child exploitation, mentally unstable, or unhealthy is utter nonsense.

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