Be Honest And Just Simply Say That You Roleplay Gor….

I have had several people message me from the Gorean Gathering Place saying they have been approached and encouraged to leave the GGP group and join a new website created for Goreans to meet. It is being pushed in a couple of Fetlife groups. I was asked what my personal opinions were about the website. […]

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BDSM and Gor

  A brief explanation of the differences between BDSM and Gor. Oftentimes you will read that it is a ‘versus’ or ‘clash’ between the two. That does not necessarily need to be the case. BDSM is simply a kinky activity or roleplay some enjoy doing. Gor is following the Gorean Philosophy and living the Gorean […]

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So What Happened…?

I have had some people message me asking why I was removed as Moderator of the Gorean Location Services (GLS) that was promoted here in the Gorean Gathering Place. About a year ago, I thought it would be another opportunity to promote Goreans being able to come together and meet with each other in person, […]

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Living As A Gorean In Your Own Home

There have been some very troubling posts lately from a very small minority of people who have issues with a Gorean living openly and honestly in their own Home, among family, among friends and even in the local community. Absolute nonsense! Living as a Gorean; following the Gorean Philosophy, striving to live by the Gorean […]

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Surprise! Surprise!

For over 12 years, Malkinius has denied that he never knew of Mark and selena. He has always denied that he never met them. He has always denied that another sexual assault took place. He has always lied and said I was making the whole thing up. Guess what folks! Yesterday he once again got […]

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