A Man Without A Home Stone (The History with Malkinius)

The history between Malkinius and myself began over 12 years ago; and originates from the incident with Mark and selena. That very vocal and often contentious history is well documented in several groups and several social media outlets.

My views of this person has remained the same throughout all these years. Unfortunately, he has continued to show a lack of respect for others property, and others have come forward with similar issues over many years. It was not an isolated occurrence. It has happened on several occasions.

He remained hidden and sheltered within the Chicago Home Stone for years. When things became public again last year over the latest sexual assault incident, he was finally booted out.

A man without a Home Stone.

He remains a leader of BearofAr’s group, is supported and enabled by BearofAr; and still promotes his Gatherings within that group.



Video added a couple of days later –

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