Living As A Gorean In Your Own Home

There have been some very troubling posts lately from a very small minority of people who have issues with a Gorean living openly and honestly in their own Home, among family, among friends and even in the local community. Absolute nonsense!
Living as a Gorean; following the Gorean Philosophy, striving to live by the Gorean Ethos, and living the Gorean Lifestyle; is very rewarding and can be done successfully openly and honestly.
It amazing me that a small sect of online Goreans believe that it is wrong. That it should not be allowed. That it should even be reported to outside places of service and employment, outing people deliberately and intentionally, under the guise of child exploitation or abuse. This tiny sect of individuals believe it is acceptable to lie and be deceitful.
Living as a Gorean in your own home, is not wrong. It does not need to be driven underground. It is not something to be ashamed or embarrassed to live as you are. This small sect of online Goreans have no clue what the Gorean Philosophy and Gorean Ethos is really about away from the computer and in the real world. They may throw around the buzz words, but they do not understand or live it themselves.
There is no shame in striving to live by the Gorean Ethos. There is no shame or need to hide teaching, sharing and living openly and honestly by the Gorean Ethos in your own home! Among friends! In your local community!

The Modern Day Gorean Ethos –
Gorean ethics focuses on an individual striving to live a rich and full Life by practicing doing right by his own standards, convictions and direction.
Goreans stress the importance on truth. Seeking the truth is important, maintaining honesty in all actions concerning any matter or subject, or generally on all subjects.
Goreans stress the importance on integrity. Being true to yourself, keeping your word, adherence to moral and ethical principles; act upon the soundness of moral character.
Goreans stress the importance on honour. That which attracts self respect, dignity and courage; especially excellence of character, high moral worth, virtue, and nobleness.
Goreans stress the importance on freedom. The state of being free or at liberty. To establish personal sovereignty over oneself, and those under our responsibilities. By our action, word and choice.
Goreans stress the importance on strength. Accepting accountability for your choices, and standing against adversity and opposition. Acting with boldness, perseverance and self reliance.
Goreans stress the importance on duty. The binding force of something that is morally or legally right, A call to respect or obedience to country, Home Stone, family or position.


This small sect of naysayers believes that the Gorean Ethos is wrong to teach, share and strive to live openly and unashamed among family. This tiny sect among Goreans, believe they have the authority and power to dictate, and stop (by false reporting and outing), any Gorean who dares to be real and honest.
I have said before, and I will say it again; “These are dangerous people”.
Most of this group originally came from roleplaying, cyber sexing and to this day even promote that it is okay as a viable alternative for Goreans to meet. I wrote about that in another post a couple of months ago – Be Honest And Just Simply Say That You Roleplay Gor…..
They will claim to have founded Gor, will proclaim that they are the leaders of Gor etc. etc.. I have no issues of them having their small groups. They can gossip and proclaim how important and influential they believe they are. No problem. But they do not represent all Goreans. They do not, and should not, have any say or authority in your own home.
Like I said earlier – “These are dangerous people”.

In closing, I would like to encourage everyone who claims to be Goreans to strive to live openly and unashamed by the Gorean Ethos. Be men and women with purpose. Ethics such as Truth, Integrity, Honour, Freedom, Strength and Duty are all things that Goreans should promote and live by. This can be done in your Home, among family, with friends and in your local community.
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