So What Happened…?


I have had some people message me asking why I was removed as Moderator of the Gorean Location Services (GLS) that was promoted here in the Gorean Gathering Place.
About a year ago, I thought it would be another opportunity to promote Goreans being able to come together and meet with each other in person, away from the computer.
GreyEagle had put a lot of work to research, design and implement all the different locations, nicknames of States, Provinces, etc.. It was another option that I honestly believed had value and I became a Moderator of the Gorean Location Services to promote it here in the Gorean Gathering Place; the place where the large majority of Goreans meet, is the most active Gorean group, and where most Goreans are members.
A couple of weeks ago, I was surprised to see that I was removed as Moderator and that the Gorean Location Services was moved over to another group. This small sect of Goreans behind this move have been discussing and trying for years to find ways to silence and find ways to take over things I have started or been involved with. They simple want the numbers and prestige. They are covetous people. Very petty and full of child’s play.
I did not say anything when it happened; but over the past couple of weeks, several people have asked and inquired what happened. They heard I gave it over to Bear. Simply not the truth. Another lie.
No biggie or loss. Just disappointing. They can have the Gorean Location Services. It is now a place that is openly promoting events they I would not allow to be promoted here in the Gorean Gathering Place due to personal conscience with issues about safety concerns. The same goes for a couple of Gorean Gatherings that I cannot allow to be promoted in the Gorean Gathering Place, in the Future GLS will not be allowed as well. If I cannot in good conscience recommend an event or person, I will not allow it due to issues of safety, privacy, etc..
I have talked in the past about some who were jealous of the numbers and influences found here in this group. Over the years, they have tried to belittle, insult and intimidate members here. Some had actually ask the Caretakers if it was possible to take over the Gorean Gathering Place. Other times they have come here on mass to try and stir things up. That happened again recently a couple of weeks again in the Those Hiding Anonymously Within Gor thread in the Gorean Gathering Place on Fetlife.
Following shortly after that, I am amused and chuckled to hear the plots, planning strategies and whining going on over in this group. It was then that the GLS ended up over there. Very classy and childish.
At another time, the Gorean Gathering Place was actually hacked for a few hours and I was removed as Moderator. I wrote about that incident here on Fetlife, and also in my Blog, sharing the emails back and forth with the Caretakers to rectify the situation.
So there you have it. The GLS will no longer be promoted; same as a couple of Gorean Gatherings promoted elsewhere, in the Gorean Gathering Place. I have never had issues with people starting new groups, etc.. But I cannot allow a very small number to be promoted in this group. The cost is too high, the issues too important. If something bad happens again, as in the past at previous events, I do not want to feel responsible that it was promoted here in the Gorean Gathering Place.
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