Be Honest And Just Simply Say That You Roleplay Gor….


I have had several people message me from the Gorean Gathering Place saying they have been approached and encouraged to leave the GGP group and join a new website created for Goreans to meet. It is being pushed in a couple of Fetlife groups. I was asked what my personal opinions were about the website.
It is simply another trashy roleplay site, labelled as ‘Gorean’; for online Goreans to roleplay, pretend to be something they are not, and get their rocks off. Period.
Just a few quotes to prove a point –

“To this end, the ‘Hall’ we meet in can be thought of as being a round chamber with a few lowering tiers where the furs of men rest, around a central fire pit. There are no dark corners for lurkers to lurk, and no “slave furs” to segregate the kajirae from the men they should be attending and serving. All kajirae will be kneeling at the feet of men, as they always should be.”


* White Silk – The girl is not permitted to cybersex, lap, pm, or indulge in sexual displays. We mean it.
* Yellow Silk – The girl is permitted to lap and pm and may be engaged in sexual displays, but cybersex is only permitted with an Op’s permission.
* Red Silk – The girl may cybersex, pm, lap, perform sexual displays, do somersaults, whatever she’s up to.


DO NOT indulge in public crotch-play. Keep it private.

I smiled at this one –

DO NOT attempt to command a slave who does not belong to you, to leave the channel. That’s what we call, ‘poaching’, and we don’t take kindly to poachers around these parts.

There are some who pretend to be Gorean, but refuse to meet with other Goreans, except by computer. I call them basically online Goreans. You will hear many excuses why they cannot meet with other Goreans; but in the end it is simply that they are hiding behind a computer screen, afraid to meet with others from their community. If that sounds harsh, it is meant to be harsh.
If you sitting at your computer, typing canned dances and pretending to serve a drink to someone else, hundreds or thousands of miles away, that is online roleplay.
Typing on a computer that you are pretending you are sitting at a Master’s feet, from your kitchen table is online roleplay.
Typing on a computer pretending that you are naked, or dressed in beautiful silks; while actually in jogging pants and a grubby tshirt is roleplay.
Typing on your computer some trashy cybersex nonsense is online roleplay.
This site is being pushed by people who say they are Gorean and that they live 24/7, but in reality it is only evident online. They cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy. This site is not a place for real time discussions. It is just another trashy roleplay site calling itself Gorean. It is not. Period.

☛ A simple statement –
Be Honest And Just Simply Say That You Roleplay Gor….
In Leather

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