The Devil Is In The Details


Get a pen and piece a paper. Follow with me as I share all the different dates BearofAr has posted over the years. I will provide a link on my Blog – with more information.

BearofAr joined Fetlife in 2011. He stated on his profile (until recently changed) that he had a FC of 30 years and a slave of 21 years. So, going with that information, that means he had now, in 2018, a FC for 37 years, and a slave for 28 years.

As of today (July 5th 2018) he contradicts himself and states on his profile –

“I am a Gorean man. In my home, I live with my Free Companion of 30 years.”

About a month ago, BearofAr contradicts himself again and stated in the thread – Those Hiding Anonymously Within Gor Should Not Speak For Those Goreans Who Are Open and Unashamed in the Gorean Gathering Place

” Just for reference, I have had her now (the slave), openly living with myself and my Companion for around 30 years.”

BearofAr also stated in the Slave Ownership group in the thread Kajira Lifestyle

“I’ve had whisper for around 30 years now. She lives with myself and my free companion.”

So; another contradiction y BearofAr. Not 28 years if you did the math from his profile listed from 2011 until recently. But he now claims he has had a slave for 30 years twice!

Then, three days ago in the Gorean Gathering Place, in another thread called – So… What Happened?; BearofAr outdoes himself by claiming –

I do recall you questioning in them whether I had a free companion (43 years) and a live-in slave (27 or so years) because I didn’t show them to you.

He is caught! I knew all along! Listen to the video. Do the math. BearofAr contradicts himself numerous times. He has lied repeatedly and fooled the entire online Gorean community.

I have suggested for years that I do not believe that Bearofar had a FC and a slave for so many years. I was right.

All the different dates in years he supposedly had either FC or slave do not match, or do not add up. On top of that, his latest statement that he has had his FC for 43 years!. That means he married her at 15 years of age. 6 years BEFORE he claimed to be a Gorean! Laughable claims. Unbelieveable claims.

* No one has ever met either FC or slave.
* No one has ever talked to either FC or slave via online chat, on the phone, in person at the house, at a Gorean Gathering, etc..
* No one has ever seen any photos of either FC or slave.
* There has never been a profile on any website of either FC or slave.
* Bearofar has had several online slaves; yet none have talked to either FC or slave on the phone, by letter, in chat or in person.

* No one has ever met his FC or slave from Silk and Steel; ( Bear did mention one time maybe someone did talk to his slave in 1998 once).

The Devil Is In The Details.

The Devil Is In The Details.

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