False Teachings Regarding Free Women

In the Gorean Gathering Place Podcast below, I share several quotes from the Gor Book series regarding what is a Free Woman. The false teachings that she is equal to men is wrong. She should not be able to malign, verbally attack, belittle or have any authority over any Free man. Period.

Many free women regard themselves, without justification, as marvellous prizes. It can come a great shock to them to suddenly realize they are, for most practical purposes, worthless. This rejection had shaken her profoundly, Like many free woman she probably regarded herself as inordinately attractive.”
Renegades of Gor Page 79


“An ignorant free woman is a commonplace. An ignorant slave is an absurdity”
Savages of Gor Page 196


The female slave, yours in her servitude, is ten thousand times more interesting than a free woman could ever dream of being”
Mercenaries of Gor Page 346


“Once in Ar, several years ago, several free women, in their anger at slaves, and perhaps jealous of the pleasures of masters and slaves, entered a paga tavern with clubs and axes, seeking to destroy it. This is, I believe, an example, though a rather extreme one, of a not unprecedented sort of psychological reaction, the attempt, by disparagement or action, motivated by envy, jealousy, resentment, or such, to keep from others pleasures which one oneself is unable, or unwilling, to enjoy. In any event, as a historical note, the men in the tavern, being Gorean, and thus not being inhibited or confused by negativistic, ant biological traditions, quickly disarmed the women.”
“They then stripped them, bound their hands behind their back, put them on a neck rope, and, by means of switches, conducted them swiftly outside the tavern. The women were then, outside the tavern, on the bridge of twenty lanterns, forced to witness the burning of their garments. They were then permitted to leave, though still bound and in coffle. Gorean men do not surrender their birthright as males, their rightful dominance, their appropriate mastery. They do not choose to be dictated to by females.”
Magicians of Gor Page 51


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