I Am Loved – They Think About Me Often!!!

I am amused when there are online Goreans who fuss and fret about my opinions and viewpoints. They lose sleep, bitch and whine, strategize and post excessively about me. I am in their heads. It is so easy to “poke the bear” (so to speak).



Grab some popcorn. Sit back and enjoy!

Over the past couple of  months, here are some of the more interesting references about me made on a website called Fetlife –

“Alec is another, he is accusing people of criminal behavior. This surpasses decency at any level and breaks trust for those in kink, Gor, or alternative lifestyles of any kind.”



“I WENT TO HIS HOUSE, AND he wouldn’t come out! HA I’m more GOREAN then him! You might even make it on another one of his you-tubes. Either way, the guy spends his days peeling through every single word we say, pretending he doesn’t, and then writes scripts for his SUPERSTAR moment behind his camera.”



“I have to agree with @Nyre on this, Alec is dangerous, you can tell this by how He speaks, His opinion, for the safety of the chicago area people, I would re think inviting Him”



“Well, I guess we’ll delight him by talking about him. Despite that, I think there is a larger point to be made here about online interaction using this example. Might as well get some benefit out of all that mess.”



“He’s too much a vanilla BDSM dom to change. He gets off on being paranoid.”



“Well, I guess we’ll delight him by talking about him”
Understatement of the year.
This jackwagon has spent days, days, days, and days… did I say days? running each and everyone of us down. He has told half truths, he has purged half info, he has gas light, he has taken our names off fetlife charging us with criminal activity to other social media whilst complaining to Caretakers we chase him, he has real time stalked a guy in his own town to beat him up(as if he actually could at his old age, he should stick to his porn star low budget films) But wait, I have to take a break from my underground mission of secretly forging CRIMINAL records… whew.. He has turned an awkward situation with a girl into a full blown sexual assault, he has claimed many many others have stepped forward, no one that I have seen has, anywhere, anytime, he has claimed he never knew us, or of us, but he has been trolling yahoo, and other groups for years, and miraculously he found all of our essay work on his website with him as the author!!
Goodness gracious, how the heck did that happen? The fairy Gorean God mother must have done that in the middle of the night and put our essays under his pillow!
and Gee whiz now he is stalking Teks profile, and girls, and telling some more bullshit about folks. But hey afterall.. we are all united now under the flag of SIlk and Steel .. LOL
Ah.. Like Sands through the Hour Glass….. SO are the days of our Lives…. ( cue dramatic music )
Heck he is just a regular dude meeting with you know other regulars Goreans all OVER the world, How could we the little people measure up to such a beefcake such as this! I mean afterall his scrawny frame was in bodybuilding… ONCE! I mean this dude.. he owned OTHERS peoples wives right?? thats Gorean, right.. You know that shows Mastery doesnt it?
Lets not forget he wears a shiny leather vest, and stuff.. with patches! Patches maketh the man! And wait… dude wants to help young couples find their mojo, so he wants to help them have sex.. so he is also a Gorean parts administrator.
VERY valid Shit..I mean this dude has alot of awesomeness happening… (not)
jeez guys, whats not to talk about.



I am curious about this showing couples how to fuck ? I mean does he suck the guy’s cock and then guide it into womans cunt? or after He is done, does he pray the leather/gay anthem? all food for thought , I just one day some institution gives him the help he needs, I am sure their are plenty of white coat places in Canada.



“Well I am not sure what is oversharing is, though if Alec didn’t want to be judged on His well habits, He should not have put that out there”



“I don’t think that this thread will go on forever. He’s just not that important in the grand scheme of things. ;0)”



“What are we going to do about him?”

“The sword of others will set your limits” – Well, so far we’ve failed at setting his limits, and he continues to be a toxic source of pain, misinformation, and vitriol.”
“So what shall we do about him? (And no, “whine about him on FetLife and try to out-shout him” is not a viable answer. That just brings everyone down and wastes thousands more hours of time on this lying troll of a boy.)”



I agree with ya totally, well agree with all of ya, he is
A idiot



@BearofBear: I really wish that were the case, but has “just ignore the bullies and they’ll go away” ever worked? Like, ever, in history? Usually they just end up winning in surprise elections and destroying countries.
No, “just ignore the bullies and the damage they do and they’ll go away” is not the answer. Never has been. Sorry, that’s a cowardly answer.
If we as Goreans believe in accountability, then hold people accountable. Not “let them fester in a corner and get worse while they continue to do damage.”



I’m open to hearing any other ideas and avenues available to Goreans to combat his petulant whining.



We could get a group of real Goreans together and visit him at his home to perform an “intervention” for his obvious psychological issue…and refer him to some local help group 🙂



Why that is just what dude bro did to another Fetlife person. He went to his town for no other reason than to stir the pot. He took pictures of himself like a stalker dude around the town to prove he was there. He pretended he was there to talk. No Tek, I wouldn’t waste two cents on a person who has spent zero F’s understanding, living, or being part of the Gorean ethos in a genuine, authentic way. He is not our kind. He is something else.



A Gorean might choose to spend his time reminding a fellow citizen that he has lost his way, he might mentor new folks who are trying to muddle through the books and be more, he might spend some time owning a beautiful woman, or he might even spend his time renewing his companionship….



You are absolutely right, he holds no reputation at all. He spends his hours and hours, and hours, and did I say hours on Youtube using false news practices. He is no better than the folks who lie about our countries, and the people within it. He has adopted behavior that stands in the way of Gorean ethos. He conjures lies, states we are after him, lied about a woman who she herself came forth to repel his pretend facts about a sexual assault, he has attacked new folks entering his group claiming he knows the women they mentor, he is absolutely paranoid at this point.



In this environment, Purves can neither be removed or differentiated from, because his claim appears to be just as valid as the next. Anyone watching from the outside doesn’t see ‘Goreans vs Wannabes’, they see ‘Goreans vs Goreans, fighting as always’, and frequently the conclusion is that if they leave you alone, you’ll eventually drive one another off.
In any case, his brand of ad hominem rhetoric coupled with consistency over time and inclusiveness with the BDSM/Fetish venues he constantly interacts with, ensures that he will not only survive…. he will grow and outlast his detractors, becoming the dominant voice on the internet for what he calls ‘Gor’.



Your apology is accepted, but it would haven better not to follow it with an example that you took the same approach that Purves does, with less lasting effect.



Further, if anyone holds responsibility in regards to that leather dude having tantrums on a regular basis, it is you. That person, is your creation. You created that idiot, you developed him with you idiocy years ago, so much so, leather dude decided to outdo you and come here and mimic and create his own Silk and Steel, because of you. You can deny it, you can pretend you didn’t know leather dude, but its pretty clear now, you knew him long long ago in his leather paradise when he was doing back ally porn, and hanging out in the pool with his choke behavior classes. The two you could share tuition in ego classes together.



You know, the only reason I even bother is so that, at least until he deletes my posts, people will see that his crackpot ideas are NOT gospel nor are they universally accepted by people who claim the label “Gorean”.



“Don’t you know, I own the Gorean Gathering, AP Youtube, AP Twitter, AP Blog, and all association to that by stardom rights. 🙂 I am after all his inspiration, his muse, his only topic, his only need to write, his everything.*



Very entertaining. It screams and shows their insecurity.

Yes, I am in their heads,

There are literally hundreds of other comments referencing me over the years.

Just one guy. A simple Gorean. But somehow, my words and opinions DO MATTER!





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