Life Is Good


A few months ago, I had the honour to officiate another Collaring Ceremony. This was for friends of many years living in Chicago, Ill. There were some setbacks regarding flights getting to Chicago, but it was worth the hassle and aggravation.

There were friends I have not seen in years, as well as new friendship started with some solid people. It was a very memorable evening.

I had been talking one and off with one girl in particular. She was a tiny thing (just 5′ O” tall) but have a smile that can light up a room, a knockout smoking body and a real passion to want to serve and be of service to the community.

Joy is one of those girls that ignites a raw primal passion that continues to rise and grow. The first kiss in front of everyone on the dance floor sealed the deal for both of us.

I have cover costs and had her travel to my home several times over the past few months, and spend a weekend recently back in Chicago at her place. We have done several photo shoots, and she has been out to a couple of parties, meeting my friends and helping and assisting me in a couple of local community events I am a part in volunteering and serving on their Board of Directors.

When we are together, it is a whirlwind of raw, unquenchable primal sex. She can keep up with me ( a rare occurrence). She can push me as much as I push her. It is one of those very few dynamics that goes with little sleep, sore muscles, the smell of sex in every room and no regrets.

Life Is Good Indeed!!!

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