Some Simple Advice to New Couples Entering Gor

Becky nadu on bed

Over the past few months, there have been many new couples showing an interest in Gor. Some have started attending local Gorean Gatherings. Others are attending local workshops and seminars. These are all good things to do.
Gor can seem overwhelming for new people starting out. Reading the Books, researching and understanding the traditions, history and discovering the Gorean Philosophy, the Gorean Ethos and the Gorean Lifestyle.
What will work for one couple as Master and slave, may not work as well for another couple. Developing rituals, protocols and a personal Home Stone requires much thought and careful examination of what is really important and a priority. It needs to be an Individualistic approach and decision what boundaries, expectations and Future goal and objectives need to be established.

Starting out, understand that both the Master and the slave have responsibilities and accountability.
* The Master should command authority and take the lead in decisions and development of their slave.
* The Master should have a clear, consistent set of rules and expectations for his slave.
* The Master should instruct, enforce and enable a slave to succeed in any instruction or wishes he lays out for her.
* The slave needs to surrender and be open to instruction, discipline and risk of failure.
* The slave needs to be committed to pleasing her Master.


Ritual is important. It is fulfilling and meaningful. It is beautiful. It is symbolic, mnemonic, instructive. It establishes protocols. It expresses, defines, and clarifies conditions. It is essential to, and ingredients within, civiilization. Similarly, do not overlook the significance and value of symbolism.
—Vagabonds of Gor, page 213

As a new couple, establish some simple rituals. Do not be overwhelmed by establishing too many. Start out with some basics. Some suggestions I can offer –
* At the end of the day, have your slave in nadu on the bed.

Becky nadu on bed

  • Towel service

It reinforces her place as a slave, being pleasing and desirable, and ends the day on a very positive note.


I encourage both Master and slave to shower together. It can be very intimate and establishes a deeper, sensual union.
* Ask permission to eat.
* Ask permission to leave the room to go to the bathroom.
* Ask permission to pour your Master’s drink.
All these are small, simple rituals that any couple can establish in their Home Stone.
Start with a few, make them your own, and have fun!
In Leather


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