How To Identify a Gorean Incel

When you move around Fetlife, sooner than later you are going to come across a group poorly disguised as “Gorean” that in actuality is a poorly disguised manosphere group with Gorean leanings.

What is manosphere?

The manosphere is a collection of websites, blogs, and online forums promoting some forms of masculinity, hostility towards women, strong opposition to feminism, and exaggerated misogyny.

There is a tiny subset within the online Gorean community that incels have been successful in taking over dead Gorean groups and claiming them as their own. In order to remain visible, the incels needed to steal the groups of others and the previous reputation of those groups.

How can you tell who may be a Gorean incel?

  • Hostile to any women who may question them. Usually ends up with the incel losing his shit and calling the woman “a cunt”, “whore”, etc. etc..
  • Remain very hostile towards any Free women. They feel threatened and lash out uncontrollably. Incels cannot handle any FW offering an independent opinion that may oppose their own.
  • Gorean incels are very threatened by men who are successful in getting women, and become bitter and resentful at their own inadequacies to get a slave. They will try desperately to over compensate for their own inadequacies by stating how they are ”more Gorean”, ”more manly” and oftentimes a prepper survivalist.
  • A Gorean incel usually hides in total and complete anonymity due to lack of confidence, lack of sexual appeal or just too scared to show their face. They will oftentimes use a fake name, location, etc..
  • A Gorean incel will not leave their computer and attend Gorean Gatherings, visit other Gorean communities, etc. This is due to people may find out who they really are. There is a lot of hidden and fake identities within Gorean incel circles.
  • A Gorean incel cannot get laid (without paying for it), and cannot get a slave to serve them. Sadly, sometimes they will make up fake relationships to counter their inadequacies.
  • A Gorean incel oftentimes online will insist they can interfere or correct another Master’s slave. They cannot get any slave at all, so need to feel manly by trying to exert their will on another’s property. Usually ends up a complete failure.
  • A Gorean incel is sociably inept, and has a difficult time integrating with other communities. They are usually banned from BDSM events for inappropriate behaviour (groping, stalking, etc..). Even if they attend a Gorean event, they are swiftly banned for the same inappropriate behaviour. In retaliation, they lash out at anything BDSM related, or actual offline Gorean events.
  • A Gorean incel oftentimes will manipulate a new girl to cam or send nude photos. Once the wank fodder stops, they lash out and verbally attack or threaten the girl for refusing to participate anymore.

The Gorean incel has, for the most part, been removed, banished or isolated from the general Gorean community. Their numbers are tiny, but they remain on the outside peering in.

The best advice I can offer is identify who is a Gorean incel; then simply avoid, ignore, block and remove.