As a Gorean, why I am involved in the Freedom Movement.

I was asked yesterday why, as a Gorean man, this was so important to me. There are numerous reasons….

I believe and strive to live the six main principles of the Gorean Ethos –

  • Honour
  • Truth
  • Integrity
  • Strength
  • Freedom
  • Duty

What has happened here in Canada has gone directly opposed to everything I value and hold dear to my heart.

Our Government has purposely tried to divide, alienate and take away people’s right and freedoms.

  • I do not believe it is honourable to shun, segregate and isolate friends and family, based on their individual choice to body autonomy, who they are friends with, who they support or who they welcome into their homes.
  • I do not condone untruths, fearmongering and outright lies the Government and mass media has parroted, that all involved in the Freedom Movement are racists, white supremacist, misogynists, nazis, terrorists, etc. etc. (I posted several videos about “We Are Fringe”).
  • Integrity is important to me. I have lost many friends simply for voicing my opinion, standing up to injustices of friends and family, pushed back against the Social Credit System being implemented, refusing to segregate and discriminate members from my community, etc.
  • Strength of character and moral fortitude. I believe in standing on my own merits, my own beliefs, my own values. The Government does not have the right to give me “privileges” and limited freedoms I already have as a Canadian citizen. I believe in standing up for injustices, not matter how unpopular and politically incorrect they may seem.
  • Freedom to live, Freedom to choose, Freedom to Worship, Freedom to travel inside your own country, Freedom of Speech; the list goes on and on. Intimidation is something I stand against. Having police officers show up at my house to hand me a pamphlet on “How to Act At A Peaceful Protest” after leading in the singing of our National Anthem O’Canada at a local Civic Square did not sit well with me. Having my finances temporarily frozen for being involved and supporting a peaceful protest was a disappointment.
  • I felt it was my Duty to stand up against injustices I witnessed towards many friends and family. Some lost jobs, some have been threatened, doxxed, lost their life savings, businesses shuttered, shunned and segregated.

I could go on with dozens of examples, but you get the idea.

Are all these things important as a Gorean man? To me it was automatic and without hesitancy something I had to stand up and act upon. I witnessed many friends and family members lose hope, friends, income, etc. I am double vaxxed, but could not stand by and say nothing.

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