Great Weekend At Party Convention

Last weekend was the National Conservative Party Convention, held in Halifax, Nova Scotia. There was lots of discussion, policy making and referendums to be voted on.   I was very pleased to have Joy come from Chicago Ill to observe and spend the weekend with me. She really enjoyed herself, and loved going on some […]

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The Devil Is In The Details

  Get a pen and piece a paper. Follow with me as I share all the different dates BearofAr has posted over the years. I will provide a link on my Blog – with more information. BearofAr joined Fetlife in 2011. He stated on his profile (until recently changed) that he had a FC […]

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The Need To Run To The Caretakers

I just noticed that Bearofar ran to the Caretakers to have some posts removed when I suggested about his fake relationship with a slave of 21 years. Classic! I share about my impression and suggestions that there is no slave. The reason are found here in the Blog posting. Some of Malkinius posts were removed […]

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So What Happened…?

I have had some people message me asking why I was removed as Moderator of the Gorean Location Services (GLS) that was promoted here in the Gorean Gathering Place. About a year ago, I thought it would be another opportunity to promote Goreans being able to come together and meet with each other in person, […]

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Surprise! Surprise!

For over 12 years, Malkinius has denied that he never knew of Mark and selena. He has always denied that he never met them. He has always denied that another sexual assault took place. He has always lied and said I was making the whole thing up. Guess what folks! Yesterday he once again got […]

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Men Need To Be Men

A couple of quotes from the Books – “Masculinity and femininity are complementary properties,” I told her. “If a man wishes a woman to be more feminine, he must be more masculine. If a woman wishes a man to be more masculine, she must be more feminine.” Page 205 – Explorers of Gor   This […]

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